Issue Title
Vol 9 (2014) 2 x 20 Gbps - 40 GHz OFDM Ro-FSO transmission with mode division multiplexing Abstract   PDF
A. Amphawan, S. Chaudhary, V. W. S. Chan
Vol 5 (2010) 3D-measurement with the stereo scanning electron microscope on sub-micrometer structures Abstract   PDF
T. Vynnyk, T. Schultheis, T. Fahlbusch, E. Reithmeier
Vol 5 (2010) 50th anniversary of the laser Abstract   PDF
M. L. Bertolotti
Vol 9 (2014) 56.6 dB high gain L-band EDFA utilizing short-length highly-doped erbium rare-earth material Abstract   PDF
M. H. Al-Mansoori, W. S. Al-Ghaithi
Vol 8 (2013) A direct comparison between a MEMS deformable mirror and a liquid crystal spatial light modulator in signal-based wavefront sensing Abstract   PDF
A. R. Jewel, V. Akondi, B. Vohnsen
Vol 6 (2011) A fast inversion method for highly conductive submicron wires on a substrate Abstract   PDF
M. Karamehmedovic, P.-E. Hansen, T. Wriedt
Vol 5 (2010) A Gaussian transition of an optical speckle field studied by the minimal spanning tree method Abstract   PDF
O. Vasseur, I. Bergoënd, X. Orlik
Vol 3 (2008) A general approach to the analysis and description of partially polarized light in rigorous grating theory Abstract   PDF
J. Tervo, I. A. Turunen, B. Bai
Vol 4 (2009) A hybrid time-domain model for pulsed terahertz dipole antennas Abstract   PDF
K. Ezdi, B. Heinen, C. Jördens, N. Vieweg, N. Krumbholz, R. Wilk, M. Mikulics, M. Koch
Vol 4 (2009) A method to remotely measure temperature change in a lithium niobate crystal using birefringence Abstract   PDF
D. M. Sando, E. Jaatinen
Vol 2 (2007) A Model to optimize a microwave PBG accelerator based on generic unit cell Abstract   PDF
R. Diana, A. Giorgio, R. Marani, V. Passaro, A.G. Perri
Vol 7 (2012) A new periodic interdigital structure - three dimensional realization based on two dimensional design Abstract   PDF
H. Ning, J. Wang, Q. Xiong, L. Mao
Vol 6 (2011) A novel back-side light-trapping structure for thin silicon solar cells Abstract   PDF
J. Gjessing, A. S. Sudbø, E. S. Marstein
Vol 11 (2016) A novel method of measuring upwelling radiance in the hydrographic sub-hull Abstract   PDF
N. Rüssmeier, O. Zielinski
Vol 6 (2011) A review on methods used to record and analyze microfluctuations of the accommodation in the human eye. Abstract   PDF
P. P. Monticone, M. Menozzi
Vol 2 (2007) A Stokes-based spectro-polarimetric analysis of the amplified spontaneous emission in a semiconductor optical amplifier Abstract   PDF
M. Tariaki, F. Boulvert, F. F.L. Bentivegna, M. Guégan, J. Topomondzo, A. Sharaiha, F. Pellen, B. Le Jeune
Vol 4 (2009) A study of optical solitons with Kerr and power law nonlinearities by He's variational principle Abstract   PDF
E. Topkara, D. Milovic, A. Sarma, F. Majid, A. Biswas
Vol 4 (2009) Aberrational vignetting and eikonal theory Abstract   PDF
A. Gitin
Vol 8 (2013) Above-water reflectance for the evaluation of adjacency effects in Earth observation data: initial results and methods comparison for near-coastal waters in the Western Channel, UK Abstract   PDF
V. Martinez-Vicente, S. G. H. Simis, R. Alegre, P. E. Land, S. B. Groom
Vol 9 (2014) Absorbance properties of gold coated fiber Bragg grating sensor for aqueous ethanol Abstract   PDF
P. Arasu, A. S. M. Noor, A. A. Shabaneh, S. H. Girei, M. A. Mahdi, H. N. Lim, H. A. Abdul Rashid, M. H. Yaacob
Vol 10 (2015) Absorbance response of graphene oxide coated on tapered multimode optical fiber towards liquid ethanol Abstract   PDF
S. H. Girei, A. A. Shabaneh, H. M. Lim, N. H. Huang, M. A. Mahdi, M. H. Yaacob
Vol 10 (2015) Academic innovation: are we truly ready for it? Abstract   PDF
P. E. Hänninen
Vol 10 (2015) Accuracy of the subsurface damage parameters calculated by the finite difference algorithm Abstract   PDF
H. Wang, G. Fu, L. Xiao, H. Chen, H. Xiao
Vol 2 (2007) Active microcavity and coupled cavities in one-dimensional photonic crystal Abstract   PDF
D. Biallo, A. D'Orazio, V. Petruzzelli
Vol 7 (2012) Active Optics: deformable mirrors with a minimum number of actuators Abstract   PDF
M. Laslandes, E. Hugot, M. Ferrari
Vol 4 (2009) Adhesion of functional layer on polymeric substrates for optoelectronic applications Abstract   PDF
E. Amendola, A. Cammarano, M. Pezzuto, D. Acierno
Vol 8 (2013) Advanced analytic treatment and efficient computation of the diffraction integrals in the extended Nijboer-Zernike theory Abstract   PDF
S. van Haver, A. J. E. M. Janssen
Vol 7 (2012) Advanced matrix laser lithography for fabrication of photonic micro-structures Abstract   PDF
M. Škereň, J. Svoboda, P. Fiala
Vol 5 (2010) Advances in lasers and optical micro-nano-systems Abstract   PDF
F. Laurell, E. Fazio
Vol 7 (2012) All-optical modulation in a CMOS-compatible amorphous silicon-based device Abstract   PDF
S. Rao, C. D'Addio, F. G. Della Corte
Vol 7 (2012) All-optical silicon simplified passive modulation Abstract   PDF
R. Aharoni, O. Baharav, L. Bidani, M. Sinvani, D. Elbaz, Z. Zalevsky
Vol 2 (2007) All-optical switch based on liquid-crystal infiltrated photonic bandgap fiber in transverse configuration Abstract   PDF
J. Tuominen, H. J. Hoffrén, H. Ludvigsen
Vol 5 (2010) Alteration of optical and morphological properties of polycarbonate illuminated by visible/IR laser beams Abstract   PDF
H. Ehssani, S. Saghafi, M. Ghoranneviss, M. Hantehzadeh, H. Hosseini, H.-U. Dodt
Vol 7 (2012) An all fiber based Talbot self-imaging mirror device for phase-locking of a multi-fiber laser Abstract   PDF
R. Zhou, Q. Zhan, P. E. Powers, B. Ibarra-Escamilla, J. W. Haus
Vol 8 (2013) An alternative approach to the tomographic reconstruction of smooth refractive index distributions Abstract   PDF
E. de la Rosa-Miranda, L. R. Berriel-Valdos, E. Gonzalez-Ramirez, D. Alaniz-Lumbreras, T. Saucedo-Anaya, J. J. de la Rosa-Vargas, J. J. Villa-Hernandez, V. Torres-Argüelles, V. M. Castano
Vol 9 (2014) An alternative method for phase-unwrapping of interferometric data Abstract   PDF
E. de la Rosa-Miranda, E. Gonzalez-Ramirez, J. J. Villa-Hernandez, L. R. Berriel-Valdos, C. Olvera-Olvera, J. I. de la Rosa-Vargas, T. Saucedo-Anaya, J. G. Arceo Olague, D. Alaniz-Lumbreras, V. M. Castano
Vol 11 (2016) An analytical model for top-hat long transient mode-mismatched thermal lens spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
M. Sabaeian, H. Rezaei
Vol 6 (2011) An efficient scattering model for PEC and penetrable nanowires on a dielectric substrate Abstract   PDF
M. Karamehmedovic, P.-E. Hansen, T. Wriedt
Vol 9 (2014) An extremely large group index via electromagnetically induced transparency in metamaterials Abstract   PDF
A. Sayahian Jahromi, M. Askari
Vol 7 (2012) An integrated Young interferometer based on UV-imprinted polymer waveguides for label-free biosensing applications Abstract   PDF
M. Wang, J. Hiltunen, C. Liedert, L. Hakalahti, R. Myllylä
Vol 3 (2008) Analysis and optimization of the stereo-system with a four-mirror adapter Abstract   PDF
R. Wang, X. Li, Y. Zhang
Vol 4 (2009) Analysis of calcium carbonate for differentiating between pigments using terahertz spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
M. Mizuno, K. Fukunaga, S. Saito, I. Hosako
Vol 8 (2013) Analysis of hybrid dielectric-plasmonic slot waveguide structures with 3D Fourier Modal Methods Abstract   PDF
J. Ctyroký, P. Kwiecien, I. Richter
Vol 6 (2011) Analysis of the optical transmission through a nonlinear thin layer near the critical angle of incidence Abstract   PDF
R. Chifahi, R. Mountasser, A. Taouri
Vol 3 (2008) Analytic expressions and approximations for the on-axis, aberration-free Rayleigh and Debye integral in the case of focusing fields on a circular aperture Abstract   PDF
R. Aarts, J. J.M. Braat, P. Dirksen, S. van Haver, C. van Heesch, A. Janssen
Vol 6 (2011) Analytical expressions for diffraction-free beams through an opaque disk Abstract   PDF
Q. Huang, S. Coetmellec, F. Duval, A. Louis, H. Leblond, M. Brunel
Vol 4 (2009) Anamorphic zoom system based on liquid crystal displays Abstract   PDF
C. Iemmi, J. Campos
Vol 3 (2008) Application of Lippmann interference photography to data storage Abstract   PDF
K. Contreras, G. Pauliat, C. Arnaud, G. Roosen
Vol 5 (2010) Application of the method of auxiliary sources to a defect-detection inverse problem of optical diffraction microscopy Abstract   PDF
M. Karamehmedovic, M.-P. Soerensen, P.-E. Hansen, A. V. Lavrinenko
Vol 7 (2012) Applications of Digital Holography: From Microscopy to 3D-Television Abstract   PDF
T. Kreis
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