Vol 6 (2011)

Table of Contents

Regular papers

Digital in-line holography with a spatially partially coherent beam Abstract PDF
S. Coëtmellec, C. Remacha, M. Brunel, D. Lebrun, A. J. E. M. Janssen 11060
Computation of Hopkins’ 3-circle integrals using Zernike expansions Abstract PDF
A. J. E. M. Janssen 11059
High pulse energy and symmetrical far field from an optical parametric oscillator in the red spectral range Abstract PDF
G. Rustad, O. Farsund 11058
Three-dimensional imaging and force characterization of multiple trapped particles in low NA counterpropagating optical traps Abstract PDF
T. B. Lindballe, M. V. Kristensen, A. P. Kylling, D. Z. Palima, J. Glückstad, S. R. Keiding, H. Stapelfeldt 11057
Scalar Readout Model for Super-Rens Focused Spot Abstract PDF
A. C. Assafrao, S. F. Pereira, H. P. Urbach 11056
Effect of fill-factor on the Talbot effect of diffraction gratings Abstract PDF
F. J. Salgado-Remacha, L. M. Sanchez-Brea, E. Bernabeu 11055
Power smart in-door optical wireless link design Abstract PDF
P. J. Marraccini, N. A. Riza 11054
Contrast transfer characteristics of the light sword optical element designed for presbyopia compensation Abstract PDF
K. Petelczyc, S. Bará, A. Ciro López, Z. Jaroszewicz, K. Kakarenko, A. Kolodziejczyk, M. Sypek 11053
Development and experimental validation of a versatile prototype Swing Arm Profilometer for measuring optical surfaces Abstract PDF
H. Jing, Z. Lin, L. Ma, S. Wu, F. Wu 11052
Monocular multi-view stereo imaging system Abstract PDF
W. Jiang, M. Shimizu, M. Okutomi 11051
Mould fabrication for polymer optics Abstract PDF
M. Speich, R. Börret 11050
Transition from amplified spontaneous emission to laser action in disordered media of R6G dye and TiO2 nanoparticles doped with PMMA polymer Abstract PDF
B. T. Chiad, M. A. Hameed, K. H. Latif, F. J. AL-Maliki 11049
Modelling and measurement of polishing tool influence functions for edge control Abstract PDF
H. Li, G. Yu, D. Walker, R. Evans 11048
High efficiency, diode pumped 170 W Nd:YAG ceramic slab laser Abstract PDF
A. Lapucci, M. Ciofini, M. Pucci, M. D’Uva 11047
Assessment of the scattering by sub-micron particles in inland waters Abstract PDF
M. L. Laanen, S. W. M. Peters, A. G. Dekker, H. J. van der Woerd 11046
Self calibration of sensorless adaptive optical microscopes Abstract PDF
A. Thayil, M. J. Booth 11045
Removal of mid spatial-frequency features in mirror segments Abstract PDF
G. Yu, H. Li, D. Walker 11044
Tunable Raman fiber laser induced by Rayleigh backscattering in an ultra-long cavity Abstract PDF
A. R. Sarmani, R. Zamiri, M. H. Abu Bakar, B. Z. Azmi, A. W. Zaidan, M. A. Mahdi 11043
Neuronal chemotaxis by optically manipulated liposomes Abstract PDF
G. Pinato, L. T. Lien, E. D'Este, V. Torre, D. Cojoc 11042
Discontinuous space variant sub-wavelength structures for generating radially polarized light in visible region Abstract PDF
Z. Ghadyani, S. Dmitriev, N. Lindlein, G. Leuchs, O. Rusina, I. Harder 11041
Investigating the use of terahertz pulsed time domain reflection imaging for the study of fabric layers of an Egyptian mummy Abstract PDF
K. Fukunaga, E. Cortes, A. Cosentino, I. Stünkel, M. Leona, I. N. Duling III, D. T. Mininberg 11040
A fast inversion method for highly conductive submicron wires on a substrate Abstract PDF
M. Karamehmedovic, P.-E. Hansen, T. Wriedt 11039
Dispersion management in nonlinear photonic crystal fibres with nanostructured core Abstract PDF
R. Buczynski, D. Pysz, R. Stepien, R. Kasztelanic, I. Kujawa, M. Franczyk, A. Filipkowski, A. J. Waddie, M. R. Taghizadeh 11038
Tridimensional multiphysics model for the study of photo-induced thermal effects in arbitrary nano-structures Abstract PDF
G. Demésy, L. Gallais, M. Commandré 11037
Focusing of electromagnetic waves into a dielectric slab. II. Numerical results Abstract PDF
D. Velauthapillai, J. J. Stamnes 11036
Optimal pulses for arbitrary dispersive media Abstract PDF
M. A. Alonso, T. Setälä, A. T. Friberg 11035
Quantifying the 2.5D imaging performance of digital holographic systems Abstract PDF
D. P. Kelly, J. J. Healy, B. M. Hennelly, J. T. Sheridan 11034
Reduction of global interference in functional multidistance near-infrared spectroscopy using empirical mode decomposition and recursive least squares: a Monte Carlo study Abstract PDF
Y. Zhang, J. Sun, P. Rolfe 11033
Equivalent temperature of nonlinear-optical crystals interacting with laser radiation Abstract PDF
O. A. Ryabushkin, D. V. Myasnikov, A. V. Konyashkin, V. A. Tyrtyshnyy 11032
Analytical expressions for diffraction-free beams through an opaque disk Abstract PDF
Q. Huang, S. Coetmellec, F. Duval, A. Louis, H. Leblond, M. Brunel 11031
Raman amplification of optical pulses in silicon nanowaveguides: Impact of spectral broadening of pump pulses Abstract PDF
A. Baron, N. Dubreuil, P. Delaye, R. Frey, G. P. Agrawal 11030
Two-photon polymerization with optimized spatial light modulator Abstract PDF
L. Kelemen, P. Ormos, G. Vizsnyiczai 11029
New analytic results for the Zernike circle polynomials from a basic result in the Nijboer-Zernike diffraction theory Abstract PDF
A. J. E. M. Janssen 11028
Optical trapping at low numerical aperture Abstract PDF
S. Stallinga 11027
Microfiber loop resonator based temperature sensor Abstract PDF
S. W. Harun, K. S. Lim, S. S. A. Damanhuri, H. Ahmad 11026
Scattering and absorption properties of carbon nanohorn-based nanofluids for solar energy applications Abstract PDF
L. Mercatelli, E. Sani, D. Fontani, G. Zaccanti, F. Martelli, P Di Ninni 11025
Parallel image scanning with binary phase grating Abstract PDF
K.-H. Brenner, R. Buschlinger 11024
Analysis of the optical transmission through a nonlinear thin layer near the critical angle of incidence Abstract PDF
R. Chifahi, R. Mountasser, A. Taouri 11023
Optical forces and trapping potentials of a dual-waveguide trap based on multimode solid-core waveguides Abstract PDF
M. M. van Leest, F. Bernal Arango, J. Caro 11022
An efficient scattering model for PEC and penetrable nanowires on a dielectric substrate Abstract PDF
M. Karamehmedovic, P.-E. Hansen, T. Wriedt 11021
A novel back-side light-trapping structure for thin silicon solar cells Abstract PDF
J. Gjessing, A. S. Sudbø, E. S. Marstein 11020
Fluorescence quenching and photobleaching in Au/Rh6G nanoassemblies: impact of competition between radiative and non-radiative decay Abstract PDF
L. Dong, F. Ye, J. Hu, S. Popov, A. T. Friberg, M. Muhammed 11019
Using penetration depth for phase matching in photonic crystal waveguides Abstract PDF
S. Y. Goldin, G. Meliach, Y. Arieli, B. Sfez 11018
HVPE growth and characterization of GaP on different substrates and patterned templates for frequency conversion devices Abstract PDF
V. Tassev, D. Bliss, M. Snure, G. Bryant, R. Peterson, R. Bedford, C. Yapp, W. Goodhue, K. Termkoa 11017
Three-grating monolithic phase-mask for the single-order writing of large-period gratings Abstract PDF
Y. Bourgin, I. Vartiainen, Y. Jourlin, M. Kuittinen, F. Celle, S. Tonchev, O. Parriaux, T. Niemi 11016s
Comparison of far field characterisation of DOEs with a goniometric DUV-scatterometer and a CCD-based system Abstract PDF
M. Wurm, S. Bonifer, B. Bodermann, M. Gerhard 11015s
Enhancement of photodetector responsivity in standard SOI CMOS processes by introducing resonant grating structures Abstract PDF
M. Auer, K.-H. Brenner 11014s
Diffractive shaping of excimer-laser beams for pulsed laser deposition Abstract PDF
V. Kekkonen, A. Hakola, T. Kajava 11013s
Characterization of the anamorphic and frequency dependent phenomenon in Liquid Crystal on Silicon displays Abstract PDF
L. Lobato, A. Lizana, A. M´arquez, I. Moreno, C. Iemmi, J. Campos, M. J. Yzuel 11012s
The exact theory for scattering of waves by thick holes in a slab and other objects with non-separable geometries Abstract PDF
B. J. Hoenders 11011s
One-step fabrication of polymer components for microphotonics by gray scale electron beam lithography Abstract PDF
L. Dong, S. Popov, A. T. Friberg 11010
Partially coherent surface plasmon modes Abstract PDF
G. M. Niconoff, P. M. Vara, J. Munoz‐Lopez, J. C. Juárez‐Morales, A. Carbajal‐Dominguez 11009
Loss optimization in double fishnet metamaterials at telecommunication wavelengths Abstract PDF
S. Iyer, S. Popov, A. T. Friberg 11008
Optical fibre long period grating spectral actuators utilizing ferrofluids as outclading overlayers Abstract PDF
M. Konstantaki, A. Candiani, S. Pissadakis 11007
Modelling adapted to manufacturing aspects of holographic grating structures Abstract PDF
O. W. Sandfuchs, C. Schwanke, M. Burkhardt, F. Wyrowski, A. Gatto, R. Brunner 11006
Rubidium atomic beam clock based on lamp-pumping and fluorescence-detection scheme Abstract PDF
Y. H. Wang, J. Q. Huang, Y. Gu, S. Q. Liu, T. Q. Dong, Z. H. Lu 11005
Spectral properties for 1D multilayer systems and application to super resolution Abstract PDF
A. Mandatori, M. Bertolotti 11004
A review on methods used to record and analyze microfluctuations of the accommodation in the human eye. Abstract PDF
P. P. Monticone, M. Menozzi 11003
Spectroscopy and terahertz imaging for sigillography applications Abstract PDF
P. Mounaix, A. Younus, J. C. Delagnes, E. Abraham, L. Canioni, M. Fabre 11002
Evaluating subsurface damage in optical glasses Abstract PDF
Y. Lee 11001