Vol 9 (2014)

Table of Contents

Regular papers

The influence of the aspheric profiles for transition zone on optical performance of human eye after conventional ablation Abstract PDF
L. Fang 14060
Polychromatic speckle reduction in laser pico-projectors using stationary dual Hadamard diffusers Abstract PDF
W. Thomas, C. Middlebrook 14059
Temperature effect on the optical emission intensity in laser induced breakdown spectroscopy of super alloys Abstract PDF
S. M. R. Darbani, M. Ghezelbash, A. E. Majd, M. Soltanolkotabi, H. Saghafifar 14058
Quantum conditional cloning of continuous variable entangled states Abstract PDF
K. Liu, J. R. Gao 14057
Digital in-line holography in a droplet with cavitation air bubbles Abstract PDF
S. Coetmellec, D. Pejchang, D. Allano, G. Grehan, D. Lebrun, M. Brunel, A. J. E. M. Janssen 14056
Subsurface disorder and electro-optical properties of proton-exchanged LiNbO3 waveguides produced by different techniques Abstract PDF
S. M. Kostritskii, Y. N. Korkishko, V. A. Fedorov, V. P. Mitrokhin, O. G. Sevostyanov, I. M. Chirkova, O. Stepanenko, M. De Micheli 14055
Low-cost resonant cavity Raman gas probe for multi-gas detection Abstract PDF
J. Thorstensen, K. H. Haugholt, A. Ferber, K. A. H. Bakke, J. Tschudi 14054
Ritchey–Common test for a 1.5 m–diameter flat mirror Abstract PDF
S. Zhu, X. H. Zhang 14053
Design of a high efficiency CdS/CdTe solar cell with optimized step doping, film thickness, and carrier lifetime of the absorption layer Abstract PDF
S. Khosroabadi, S. H. Keshmiri, S. Marjani 14052
Half-linear cavity multiwavelength Brillouin-erbium fiber laser Abstract PDF
A. W. Al-Alimi, M. H. Yaacob, A. E. Abas 14051
Low loss GaN waveguides for visible light on Si substrates Abstract PDF
M. Gromovyi, F. Semond, J. Y. Duboz, G. Feuillet, M. P. De Micheli 14050
Phase-sensitive near field Investigation of Bloch surface wave propagation in curved waveguides Abstract PDF
X. Wu, E. Barakat, L. Yu, L. Sun, J. Wang, Q. Tan, H. P. Herzig 14049
An extremely large group index via electromagnetically induced transparency in metamaterials Abstract PDF
A. Sayahian Jahromi, M. Askari 14048
Numerical calculation of temperature sensing in seawater based on microfibre resonator by intensity-variation scheme Abstract PDF
H. J. Yang, J. Wang, S. S. Wang 14047
Optical-fiber thermal-wave-cavity technique to study thermal properties of silver/clay nanofluids Abstract PDF
M. Noroozi, S. Radiman, A. Zakaria, K. Shameli, M. Deraman, S. Soltaninejad, A. Abedini 14046
Reduced symmetry and analogy to chirality in periodic dielectric media Abstract PDF
I. H. Giden, M. Turduev, H. Kurt 14045i
Improving the Generic Camera Calibration technique by an extended model of calibration display Abstract PDF
T. Reh, W. Li, J. Burke, R. B. Bergmann 14044
Quantitative characterization of super-resolution infrared imaging based on time-varying focal plane coding Abstract PDF
X. Wang, Y. Yuan, J. Zhang, Y. Chen, Y. Cheng 14043
Truncation of the series expressions in the advanced ENZ-theory of diffraction integrals Abstract PDF
S. van Haver, A. J. E. M. Janssen 14042
2 x 20 Gbps - 40 GHz OFDM Ro-FSO transmission with mode division multiplexing Abstract PDF
A. Amphawan, S. Chaudhary, V. W. S. Chan 14041
An alternative method for phase-unwrapping of interferometric data Abstract PDF
E. de la Rosa-Miranda, E. Gonzalez-Ramirez, J. J. Villa-Hernandez, L. R. Berriel-Valdos, C. Olvera-Olvera, J. I. de la Rosa-Vargas, T. Saucedo-Anaya, J. G. Arceo Olague, D. Alaniz-Lumbreras, V. M. Castano 14040
Error correction of a phase-only computer-generated hologram for an aspheric surface Abstract PDF
H. Zhang, Y. Yan, H. Zhou, Y. J. Qiao, J. Si, D. Wang 14039
Study on the temperature field loaded by a shaped laser beam on the top surface of a cylinder head for thermal fatigue test Abstract PDF
S.-Z. Nie, J. Yu, G. Yu, Q.-F. Tan, Z.-W. Fan 14038
Simulated validation and quantitative analysis of the blur of an integral image related to the pickup sampling effects Abstract PDF
Y. Chen, X. Wang, J. Zhang, J. Zong 14037
Controllable 3D display system based on frontal projection lenticular screen Abstract PDF
Q. Feng, X. Sang, X. Yu, X. Gao, P. Wang, C. Li, T. Zhao 14036
Spatial and temporal resolutions pixel level performance analysis of the onboard remote sensing electro-optical systems Abstract PDF
H. M. El-Sheikh, Y. G. Yakushenkov 14035
The narrow band AOTF based hyperspectral microscopic imaging on the rat skin stratum configuration Abstract PDF
C. Zhang, H. Wang, J. Huang, Q. Gao 14034
Reflection-based fibre-optic refractive index sensor using surface plasmon resonance Abstract PDF
P. Hlubina, M. Kadulova, D. Ciprian, J. Sobota 14033
Surface characterization by structure function analysis Abstract PDF
T. Kreis, J. Burke, R. B. Bergmann 14032
Comparison of two-color methods based on wavelength and adjacent pulse repetition interval length Abstract PDF
D. Wei, M. Aketagawa 14031
Nonlinear optical properties of Au-nanoparticles conjugated with lipoic acid in water Abstract PDF
M. Trejo-Durán, D. Cornejo-Monroy, E. Alvarado-Méndez, A. Olivares-Vargas, V. M. Castano 14030
Spectral signatures of fluorescence and light absorption to identify crude oils found in the marine environment Abstract PDF
E. Baszanowska, Z. Otremba 14029
56.6 dB high gain L-band EDFA utilizing short-length highly-doped erbium rare-earth material Abstract PDF
M. H. Al-Mansoori, W. S. Al-Ghaithi 14028
Quality control of injection molded eyewear by non-contact deflectometry Abstract PDF
A. Speck, B. Zelzer, A. Langenbucher, T. Eppig 14027
The impact of O/Si ratio and hydrogen content on ArF excimer laser ablation of fused silica Abstract PDF
D. Tasche, C. Gerhard, J. Ihlemann, S. Wieneke, W. Viöl 14026
The modern Forel-Ule scale: a ‘do-it-yourself’ colour comparator for water monitoring Abstract PDF
S. Novoa, M. R. Wernand, H. J. van der Woerd 14025
Study of single mode tapered fiber-optic interferometer of different waist diameters and its application as a temperature sensor Abstract PDF
T. K. Yadav, M. A. Mustapa, M. H. Abu Bakar, M. A. Mahdi 14024
Computation of dioptric and magnification matrices in ophthalmic lenses Abstract PDF
S. Barbero 14023
Radiometric and noise characteristics of InAs-rich T2SL MWIR pin photodiodes Abstract PDF
E. Giard, R. Taalat, M. Delmas, J.-B. Rodriguez, P. Christol, I. Ribet-Mohamed 14022
Digital in-line holography assessment for general phase and opaque particle Abstract PDF
S. Coetmellec, W. Wichitwong, G. Gréhan, D. Lebrun, M. Brunel, A. J. E. M. Janssen 14021
Using ocean colour remote sensing products to estimate turbidity at the Wadden Sea time series station Spiekeroog Abstract PDF
S. P. Garaba, T. H. Badewien, A. Braun, A.-C. Schulz, O. Zielinski 14020
Waveguide structures for efficient evanescent field coupling to zero mode waveguides Abstract PDF
M. Sarkar, A. J. H. Wachters, H. P. Urbach, J. J. H. Schleipen, P. J. van der Zaag, R. Wimberger-Friedl 14019
Absorbance properties of gold coated fiber Bragg grating sensor for aqueous ethanol Abstract PDF
P. Arasu, A. S. M. Noor, A. A. Shabaneh, S. H. Girei, M. A. Mahdi, H. N. Lim, H. A. Abdul Rashid, M. H. Yaacob 14018
Comparison of the spectral-angular properties of light scattered in the Baltic Sea and oil emulsions Abstract PDF
W. Freda 14017
High resolution 2-D fluorescence imaging of the mass boundary layer thickness at free water surfaces Abstract PDF
C. Kräuter, D. Trofimova, D. Kiefhaber, N. Krah, B. Jähne 14016
High-speed imaging of short wind waves by shape from refraction Abstract PDF
D. Kiefhaber, S. Reith, R. Rocholz, B. Jähne 14015
Designing LED array for uniform illumination based on local search algorithm Abstract PDF
P. Lei, Q. Wang, H. Zou 14014
Recent advances in miniaturized optical gyroscopes Abstract PDF
F. Dell'Olio, T. Tatoli, C. Ciminelli, M. N. Armenise 14013
Broadband Mid-IR superabsorption with aperiodic polaritonic photonic crystals Abstract PDF
G. C. R. Devarapu, S. Foteinopoulou 14012
Linear and nonlinear tunable optical properties of intersubband transitions in GaN/AlN quantum dots in presence and absence of wetting layer Abstract PDF
A. Khaledi-Nasab, M. Sabaeian, M. Rezaie, M. Mohammad-Rezaee 14011
Polarimetric approach for man-made impurities detection in isotropic materials Abstract PDF
A. Buono, M. Iodice, I. Rendina, F. Nunziata, M. Migliaccio 14010
Principal component analysis in the spectral analysis of the dynamic laser speckle patterns Abstract PDF
K. M. Ribeiro, R. A. Braga Jr., G. W. Horgan, D. D. Ferreira, T. Sáfadi 14009
Interferometric out-of-focus imaging simulator for irregular rough particles Abstract PDF
M. Brunel, S. Coetmellec, G. Gréhan, H. Shen 14008
Double-sided split-step MM-wave Fresnel lenses: design, fabrication and focal field measurements Abstract PDF
V. B. Yurchenko, M. Ciydem, M. Gradziel, J. A. Murphy, A. Altintas 14007
Observation of resonant states in negative refractive photonic crystals Abstract PDF
S. Romano, A. C. De Luca, E. De Tommasi, S. Cabrini, I. Rendina, V. Mocella 14006
Investigation of a novel silicon-on-insulator Rib-Slot photonic sensor based on the vernier effect and operating at 3.8 µm Abstract PDF
B. Troia, V. M. N. Passaro 14005
Effect of surface roughness on optical heating of metals Abstract PDF
M. Auinger, P. Ebbinghaus, A. Blümich, A. Erbe 14004
Modelling line edge roughness in periodic line-space structures by Fourier optics to improve scatterometry Abstract PDF
H. Gross, S. Heidenreich, M.-A. Henn, G. Dai, F. Scholze, M. Bär 14003
Energy efficiency of a new trifocal intraocular lens Abstract PDF
F. Vega, F. Alba-Bueno, M. S. Millán 14002
Wood’s anomalies for arrays of dielectric scatterers Abstract PDF
A. Maurel, S. Félix, J.-F. Mercier, A. Ourir, Z. E. Djeffal 14001