Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid publications, Vol 9 (2014)

Study on the temperature field loaded by a shaped laser beam on the top surface of a cylinder head for thermal fatigue test

S.-Z. Nie, J. Yu, G. Yu, Q.-F. Tan, Z.-W. Fan


In thermal fatigue test, the key point is whether the temperature field on the top surface of cylinder head induced by the heat source can well match it in real service. In order to produce the target temperature field in service which is measured by thermocouples, shaped laser beam generated by diffractive optics element (DOE) is chosen as the heat source to irradiate on the top surface of cylinder head. The DOE is designed based on the Gerchberg-Saxton (GS) algorithm and the simulated temperature field is calculated by finite element model (FEM). The results show that the simulated and experimental temperature field can well match the target one which demonstrates that this method is feasible to produce the target temperature field and can be used in thermal fatigue test.

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