Vol 8 (2013)

Table of Contents

Regular papers

Polishing of optical media by dielectric barrier discharge inert gas plasma at atmospheric pressure Abstract PDF
C. Gerhard, T. Weihs, A. Luca, S. Wieneke, W. Viöl 13081
Compensation of hologram distortion by controlling defocus component in reference beam wavefront for angle multiplexed holograms Abstract PDF
T. Muroi, N. Kinoshita, N. Ishii, K. Kamijo, Y. Kawata, H. Kikuchi 13080
Dynamics of a chain of optically coupled micro droplets Abstract PDF
T. Crouzil, M. Perrin 13079
Label-free discrimination of cells undergoing apoptosis by hyperspectral confocual reflectance imaging Abstract PDF
F. R. Bertani, E. Botti, A. Costanzo, L. Ferrari, V. Mussi, M. D’Alessandro, S. Selci 13078
Overview of techniques applicable to self-interference incoherent digital holography Abstract PDF
J. Hong, M. K. Kim 13077
Fabrication of single-mode channel polymer waveguides using vacuum assisted microfluidic soft lithography Abstract PDF
S. Baig, G. Jiang, Q. Sun, M. R. Wang 13076
Optical characterization of aminosilane-modified silicon dioxide surface for biosensing Abstract PDF
M. Terracciano, I. Rea, J. Politi, L. De Stefano 13075
Correction of misalignment introduced aberration in non-null test measurements of free-form surfaces Abstract PDF
G. Baer, J. Schindler, C. Pruss, W. Osten 13074
A direct comparison between a MEMS deformable mirror and a liquid crystal spatial light modulator in signal-based wavefront sensing Abstract PDF
A. R. Jewel, V. Akondi, B. Vohnsen 13073
Semi-Huber quadratic function and comparative study of some MRFs for Bayesian image restoration Abstract PDF
J. I. De la Rosa, J. Villa-Hernández, E. González-Ramírez, E. De la Rosa M., O. Gutiérrez, C. Olvera-Olvera, R. Castañeda-Miranda, G. Fleury 13072
Compact planar lenses based on a pinhole and an array of single mode metallic slits Abstract PDF
Q. Lévesque, P. Bouchon, F. Pardo, J.-L. Pelouard, R. Haïdar 13071
Linear phase retrieval for real-time adaptive optics Abstract PDF
A. Polo, A. Haber, S. F. Pereira, M. Verhaegen, H. P. Urbach 13070
Influence of oil-in-water emulsions on fluorescence properties as observed by excitation-emission spectra Abstract PDF
E. Baszanowska, O. Zielinski, Z. Otremba, H. Toczek 13069
Design of subwavelength optical fibre for low-loss Terahertz transmission Abstract PDF
N. F. Ren, M.-Y. Chen, B. Sun, L. Ge 13068
Modeling of the light transfer in a water column polluted with oil suspension Abstract PDF
Z. A. Otremba 13067
High coupling efficiency to a low dispersion slow light-supporting photonic crystal waveguide Abstract PDF
M. Khatibi Moghaddam, A. R. Attari, M. M. Mirsalehi 13066
Fabrication of adhesive lenses using free surface shaping Abstract PDF
D. Hoheisel, C. Kelb, M. Wall, B. Roth, L. Rissing 13065
Intensity noise in ultra-high frequency modulated semiconductor laser with strong feedback and its influence on noise figure of RoF links Abstract PDF
M. F. Ahmed, A. Bakry, R. Altuwirqi, M. S. Alghamdi, F. Koyama 13064
Modelling the influence of oil content on optical properties of seawater in the Baltic Sea Abstract PDF
K. Rudz, M. Darecki, H. Toczek 13063
Spherical refractive correction with an electro-optical liquid lens in a double-pass system Abstract PDF
F. Sanàbria, F. Díaz-Doutón, M. Aldaba, J. Pujol 13062
Comparison of aberrations after standard and customized refractive surgery Abstract PDF
L. Fang, X. He, Y. Wang 13061
Above-water reflectance for the evaluation of adjacency effects in Earth observation data: initial results and methods comparison for near-coastal waters in the Western Channel, UK Abstract PDF
V. Martinez-Vicente, S. G. H. Simis, R. Alegre, P. E. Land, S. B. Groom 13060
Wavelength-dependent nonlinear optical loop mirror for simultaneous amplitude noise reduction at two wavelengths Abstract PDF
O. Pottiez, B. Ibarra-Escamilla, E. A. Kuzin 13059
Methods in reducing surface reflected glint for shipborne above-water remote sensing Abstract PDF
S. P. Garaba, O. Zielinski 13058
The Forel-Ule scale revisited spectrally: preparation protocol, transmission measurements and chromaticity Abstract PDF
S. Novoa, M. R. Wernand, H. J. van der Woerd 13057
Scattering and absorption properties of biomaterials for dental restorative applications Abstract PDF
A. Fernandez-Oliveras, M. Rubiño, M. M. Pérez 13056
Signal of single scattering albedo in water leaving polarization Abstract PDF
J. Piskozub, W. Freda 13055
Optical spectrum behaviour of a coupled laser system under chaotic synchronization conditions Abstract PDF
I. R. Andrei, G. V. Popescu, M. L. Pascu 13054
Self-tuning laser speckle contrast analysis based on multiple exposure times with enhanced temporal resolution Abstract PDF
D. Zölei, T. Smausz, B. Hopp, F. Bari 13053
The phase shift induced by a single atom in free space Abstract PDF
M. Sondermann, G. Leuchs 13052
Optical contrast of oil dispersed in seawater under windy conditions Abstract PDF
Z. Otremba, O. Zielinski, C. Hu 13051
Theoretical investigation on the scale factor of a triple ring cavity to be used in frequency sensitive resonant gyroscopes Abstract PDF
C. Ciminelli, C. E. Campanella, F. Dell’Olio, C. M. Campanella, M. N. Armenise 13050
Method of lines solution to the transient SBS equations for nanosecond Stokes pulses Abstract PDF
F. S. Gökhan, G. W. Griffiths, W. E. Schiesser 13049
Phase retrieval between overlapping orders in coherent Fourier scatterometry using scanning Abstract PDF
N. Kumar, O. El Gawhary, S. Roy, S. E. Pereira, H. P. Urbach 13048
MAP entropy estimation: applications in robust image filtering Abstract PDF
J. I. de la Rosa, J. Villa-Hernandez, E. de la Rosa M., E. Gonzalez-Ramirez, O. Gutierrez, N. Escalante, R. Ivanov, G. Fleury 13047
Coherent excitation of a nonlinear microcavity Abstract PDF
J. Oden, S. Trebaol, P. Delaye, N. Dubreuil 13046
Spatial profiling of optical gain for optimizing lasing in plasmonic nano-lasers Abstract PDF
Z. A. Sattar, K. A. Shore 13045
Advanced analytic treatment and efficient computation of the diffraction integrals in the extended Nijboer-Zernike theory Abstract PDF
S. van Haver, A. J. E. M. Janssen 13044
Novel trends in optical non-destructive testing methods Abstract PDF
P. Huke, R. Klattenhoff, C. von Kopylow, R. B. Bergmann 13043
Radiative properties of carriers in CdSe-CdS core-shell heterostructured nanocrystals of various geometries Abstract PDF
S. Zhou, L. Dong, S. Popov, A. T. Friberg 13042
Spectral switching control of ultrafast pulses in dual core photonic crystal fibre Abstract PDF
M. Koys, I. Bugar, I. Hrebikova, V. Mesaros, R. Buczynski, F. Uherek 13041
Performance analysis of wavelength multiplexed SAC OCDMA codes in beat noise mitigation in SAC OCDMA systems Abstract PDF
A. M. Alhassan, N. Badruddin, N. M. Saad, S. A. Aljunid 13040
Monte Carlo code for the study of the dynamic light field at the wavy atmosphere-ocean interface Abstract PDF
M. Hieronymi 13039
Tunable, low frequency microwave generation from AWG based closely-spaced dual-wavelength single-longitudinal-mode fibre laser Abstract PDF
H. Ahmad, A. A. Latif, J. M. Talib, S. W. Harun 13038
Invisibility cloaking based on geometrical optics for visible light Abstract PDF
H. Ichikawa, M. Oura, T. Taoda 13037
An alternative approach to the tomographic reconstruction of smooth refractive index distributions Abstract PDF
E. de la Rosa-Miranda, L. R. Berriel-Valdos, E. Gonzalez-Ramirez, D. Alaniz-Lumbreras, T. Saucedo-Anaya, J. J. de la Rosa-Vargas, J. J. Villa-Hernandez, V. Torres-Argüelles, V. M. Castano 13036
Short-time Fourier transform laser Doppler holography Abstract PDF
B. Samson, M. Atlan 13035
Method for distortion correction of multi-layered surface reconstruction using time-gated wavefront sensing approach Abstract PDF
C. S. Tan, X. Wang, Y. H. Ng, W. K. Lim, T. Y. Chai 13034
Passive high ratio sunlight concentration configurations Abstract PDF
A. Rudnitsky, A. Zaban, Z. Zalevsky 13033
The photonic wheel - demonstration of a state of light with purely transverse angular momentum Abstract PDF
P. Banzer, M. Neugebauer, A. Aiello, C. Marquardt, N. Lindlein, T. Bauer, G. Leuchs 13032
Mid-Spatial Frequency Error (PSD-2) of optics induced during CCOS and full-aperture polishing Abstract PDF
D. Liao, Z. Yuan, C. Tang, R. Xie, X. Chen 13031
Design of nanofibres for efficient stimulated Raman scattering in the evanescent field Abstract PDF
L. Shan, G. Pauliat, G. Vienne, L. Tong, S. Lebrun 13030
Measurement of the optical transfer function using a white-dot pattern presented on a liquid-crystal display Abstract PDF
F. A. Navas-Moya, J. L. Nieves, E. M. Valero, E. Garrote 13029
Thickness conditions for characterizing the periodic nanostructures with the retrieved electromagnetic parameters Abstract PDF
D. Song, Z. Tang, L. Zhao, Z. Sui, S. Wen, D. Fan 13028
Comparison of closed loop and sensorless adaptive optics in widefield optical microscopy Abstract PDF
C. Bourgenot, C. D. Saunter, G. D. Love, J. M. Girkin 13027
The effect of nanoparticle size on thermal diffusivity of gold nano-fluid measured using thermal lens technique Abstract PDF
E. Shahriari, W. M. Mat Yunus, R. Zamiri 13026
Laser speckle reduction based on angular diversity induced by Piezoelectric Benders Abstract PDF
G. Ouyang, M. N. Akram, K. Wang, Z. Tong, X. Y. Chen 13025
Analysis of hybrid dielectric-plasmonic slot waveguide structures with 3D Fourier Modal Methods Abstract PDF
J. Ctyroký, P. Kwiecien, I. Richter 13024
Theoretical demonstration of highly efficient cw THz generation by using composite photonic-structure elements Abstract PDF
A. Oyamada, H. Kitaguchi, K. Ebata, H. Ishihara 13023
Reducing BER of spectral-amplitude coding optical code-division multiple-access systems by single photodiode detection technique Abstract PDF
H. M. R. Al-Khafaji, S. A. Aljunid, A. Amphawan, H. A. Fadhil, A. M. Safar 13022
Dual wavelength continuous wave laser using a birefringent filter Abstract PDF
C. G. Trevino-Palacios, O. J. Zapata-Nava, E. V. Mejia-Uriarte, N. Qureshi, G. Paz-Martinez, O. Kolokolstev 13021
Optical and THz Galois diffusers Abstract PDF
M. Jaax, S. Wolff, B. Laegel, H. Fouckhardt 13020
Direct machining of curved trenches in silicon with femtosecond accelerating beams Abstract PDF
A. Mathis, L. Froehly, L. Furfaro, M. Jacquot, J. M. Dudley, F. Courvoisier 13019
Temporal coherence shaping based on spectral-domain destructive interference of pulses with different self-phase modulations Abstract PDF
D. Wei, K. Takamasu, H. Matsumoto 13018
Rotating vortex imaging implemented by a quantized spiral phase modulation Abstract PDF
M. Baranek, Z. Bouchal 13017
Synthetic adjacent pulse repetition interval length method to solve integer ambiguity problem: theoretical analysis Abstract PDF
D. Wei, K. Takamasu, H. Matsumoto 13016
Optical security device for document protection using plasmon resonant transmission through a thin corrugated metallic film embedded in a plastic foil Abstract PDF
J. Sauvage-Vincent, S. Tonchev, C. Veillas, S. Reynaud, Y. Jourlin 13015
Qualifying parabolic mirrors with deflectometry Abstract PDF
J. Burke, W. Li, A. Heimsath, C. von Kopylow, R. B. Bergmann 13014
Towards self-clocked gated OCDMA receiver Abstract PDF
S. Idris, T. Osadola, I. Glesk 13013
Reduction of the nonlinear phase shift induced by stimulated Brillouin scattering for bi-directional pumping configuration system using particle swarm optimization algorithm Abstract PDF
H. A. Al-Asadi 13012
Wide-field common-path incoherent correlation microscopy with a perfect overlapping of interfering beams Abstract PDF
P. Bouchal, Z. Bouchal 13011
Refractive index determination of SiO2 layer in the UV/Vis/NIR range: spectrophotometric reverse engineering on single and bi-layer designs Abstract PDF
L. Gao, F. Lemarchand, M. Lequime 13010
Multipole polarizability of a nanodimer in optical waves Abstract PDF
P. Grahn, A. Shevchenko, M. Kaivola 13009
Passive scene imaging of absorbing gases by narrowband dielectric filter modulation Abstract PDF
D. M. Benton 13008
Holographic superresolution using spatial light modulator Abstract PDF
A. Hussain, J. L. Martínez, J. Campos 13007
Influence of interfaces reflectivity for central thickness measurement of a contact lens by low coherence interferometry Abstract PDF
I. Verrier, C. Veillas, T. Lépine 13006
Synthesis of sources with Markovian features Abstract PDF
G. Martínez-Niconoff, P. Martínez-Vara, E. Andrés-Zarate, J. Silva-Barranco, J. Munoz-Lopez 13005
Effective and flexible modeling approach to investigate various 3D Talbot carpets from a spatial finite mask Abstract PDF
J. Maaß, O. Sandfuchs, D. Thomae, A. Gatto, R. Brunner 13004
Observing cross-sectional images and averaged optical patterns of photonic crystal fibers using partially incoherent laser light Abstract PDF
F. W. Sheu, J. Y. Chen 13003
Photonic crystal electrode to be used in organic LED structures Abstract PDF
L. Petti, M. Rippa, R. Capasso, G. Nenna, A. De Girolamo Del Mauro, V. La Ferrara, A. Pacheri Madathil, C. Minarini 13002
Evidence for the Double Excimer State of conjugated polymer in a liquid solution Abstract PDF
K. H. Ibnaouf, S. Prasad, V. Masilamani, M. S. AlSalhi, A. S. Alaamer 13001