Vol 5 (2010)

Table of Contents

Regular papers

Switchable photonic crystal cavity by liquid crystal infiltration Abstract PDF
P.-Y. Baroni, Q. Tan, V. Paeder, A. Cosentino, M. Roussey, T. Scharf, H. P. Herzig, W. Nakagawa 10057
Micro integration of optical components for the fabrication of active optical cables Abstract PDF
F. Merchán, D. Wohlfeld, K.-H. Brenner 10056
Synthetic modeling of astronomical closed loop adaptive optics Abstract PDF
L. Jolissaint 10055
Energy scalable terahertz-wave parametric oscillator using surface-emitted configuration Abstract PDF
T. Ikari, R. Guo, H. Minamide, H. Ito 10054
Investigations on a robust profile model for the reconstruction of 2D periodic absorber lines in scatterometry Abstract PDF
H. Gross, J. Richter, A. Rathsfeld, M. Bär 10053
A Gaussian transition of an optical speckle field studied by the minimal spanning tree method Abstract PDF
O. Vasseur, I. Bergoënd, X. Orlik 10052
On the Thompson-Wolf Experiment: a study with laser sources Abstract PDF
D. P. Barato, M. L. Calvo 10051s
How short are ultra short light pulses? (looking back to the mid sixties) Abstract PDF
H. P. Weber, R. Dändliker 10050s
(lnP)5/(Ga0.47 In0.53 As)5 superlattice confined 1.5 µm multiquantum well laser grown by all- solid source atomic layer molecular beam epitaxy Abstract PDF
M. L. Dotor, P. Huertas, P. A. Postigo, D. Golmayo, F. Briones 10049s
Quantum theory of coherence and nonlinear optics Abstract PDF
J. Perina 10048s
Lasers, photon statistics, photon-correlation spectroscopy and subsequent applications Abstract PDF
E. R. Pike 10047s
Why the first laser worked as designed (and is still kicking today) Abstract PDF
A. H. Rawicz 10046s
Valentin A. Fabrikant: negative absorption, his 1951 patent application for amplification of electromagnetic radiation (ultraviolet, visible, infrared and radio spectral regions) and his experiments Abstract PDF
S. G. Lukishova 10045s
Early days of coherence theory and the first Rochester conference on coherence Abstract PDF
E. Wolf 10044s
Development of the physics of microwaves, and its unification with infrared and optical science Abstract PDF
C. H. Townes 10043s
50th anniversary of the laser Abstract PDF
M. L. Bertolotti 10042s
Transmission of light in crystals with different homogeneity: using Shannon index in photonic media Abstract PDF
M. Bellingeri, S. Longhi, F. Scotognella 10041
Electro-optical modulating multistack device based on the CMOS-compatible technology of amorphous silicon Abstract PDF
S. Rao, F. G. Della Corte 10040s
Low-loss amorphous silicon waveguides grown by PECVD on indium tin oxide Abstract PDF
S. Rao, F. G. Della Corte, C. Summonte 10039s
3D-measurement with the stereo scanning electron microscope on sub-micrometer structures Abstract PDF
T. Vynnyk, T. Schultheis, T. Fahlbusch, E. Reithmeier 10038s
Volumetric multiple optical traps produced by Devil's lenses Abstract PDF
W. D. Furlan, F. Gimenez, A. Calatayud, L. Remon, J. A. Monsoriu 10037s
Wavefront compensation method using novel index in holographic data storage Abstract PDF
N. Ishii, T. Muroi, N. Kinoshita, K. Kamijo, N. Shimidzu 10036s
High resolution displacement detection with speckles : accuracy limits in linear displacement speckle metrology Abstract PDF
R. Filter, T. Scharf, H. P. Herzig 10035s
Toward the reflectance measurement of micro components Abstract PDF
H. Piombini, P. Voarino, D. Breider, F. Lemarchand 10034s
Investigating the effects of laser beams (532 and 660 nm) in annihilation of pistachio mould fungus using spectrophotometry analysis Abstract PDF
S. Saghafi, R. Penjweini, K. Becker, K. W. Kratky, H.-U. Dodt 10033s
Alteration of optical and morphological properties of polycarbonate illuminated by visible/IR laser beams Abstract PDF
H. Ehssani, S. Saghafi, M. Ghoranneviss, M. Hantehzadeh, H. Hosseini, H.-U. Dodt 10032s
Advances in lasers and optical micro-nano-systems Abstract PDF
F. Laurell, E. Fazio 10031s
Determination of the anisotropy complex refractive indices of chicken tissues in vitro at 650 nm Abstract PDF
P. Sun, H. Sun 10030
Concentration measurement of injected gaseous fuel using quantitative schlieren and optical tomography Abstract PDF
E. D. Iffa, A. R. A. Aziz, A. S. Malik 10029
Mechanical forces exerted by a dipole emitter on an interface Abstract PDF
D. Petrov 10028
General formulation of digital in-line holography from correlation with a chirplet function Abstract PDF
S. Coëtmellec, N. Verrier, M. Brunel, D. Lebrun 10027
Scanning deflectometric form measurement avoiding path-dependent angle measurement errors Abstract PDF
M. Schulz, G. Ehret, A. Fitzenreiter 10026
Simulation and analysis of exotic non-specular phenomena Abstract PDF
F. Krayzel, R. Pollès, A. Moreau, M. Mihailovic, G. Granet 10025
Terahertz analysis of an East Asian historical mural painting Abstract PDF
K. Fukunaga, I. Hosako, Y. Kohdzuma, T. Koezuka, M.-J. Kim, T. Ikari, X. Du 10024
Fabrication of subwavelength structured surfaces via electrospray deposition of nanobeads Abstract PDF
M. Heilmann, M. Pfeffer, Y. Yamagata, S.-Y. Morita 10023
The Legendre transformations in Hamiltonian optics Abstract PDF
A. V. Gitin 10022
Application of the method of auxiliary sources to a defect-detection inverse problem of optical diffraction microscopy Abstract PDF
M. Karamehmedovic, M.-P. Soerensen, P.-E. Hansen, A. V. Lavrinenko 10021
Performance considerations for continuous-wave and pulsed laser line scan (LLS) imaging systems Abstract PDF
F. M. Caimi, F. R. Dalgleish 10020s
Spatiotemporal underwater light field fluctuations in the open ocean Abstract PDF
M. Hieronymi, A. Macke 10019s
Origins of ambiguity in the inversion of remote sensing reflectance signals by spectral matching in optically complex shelf seas. Abstract PDF
D. Creanor, A. Cunningham 10018s
Imaging of plankton specimens with the lightframe on-sight keyspecies investigation (LOKI) system Abstract PDF
J. Schulz, K. Barz, P. Ayon, A. Lüdtke, O. Zielinski, D. Mengedoht, H.-J. Hirche 10017s
Marine bubble detection using optical-flow techniques Abstract PDF
O. Zielinski, B. Saworski, J. Schulz 10016s
Ocean colour changes in the North Pacific since 1930. Abstract PDF
M. R. Wernand, H. J. van der Woerd 10015s
Spectral analysis of the Forel-Ule Ocean colour comparator scale. Abstract PDF
M. R. Wernand, H. J. van der Woerd 10014s
On the history of the Secchi disc Abstract PDF
M. R. Wernand 10013s
"Blue" Photonics: Optics in the Sea Abstract PDF
J. Watson, W. Jueptner 10012s
Low cost production of computer-generated holograms: from design to optical evaluation Abstract PDF
I. Moreno, A. Martínez-García, L. Nieradko, J. Albero, C. Gorecki 10011
On the unambiguous determination of effective optical properties of periodic metamaterials: a one-dimensional case study Abstract PDF
N. A. Mortensen, M. Yan, O. Sigmund, O. Breinbjerg 10010
Coupled-resonator optical waveguides: Q-factor influence on slow-light propagation and the maximal group delay Abstract PDF
S. Raza, J. Grgic, J. G. Pedersen, S. Xiao, N. A. Mortensen 10009
Incoherent interaction of nematicons in bias-free liquid-crystal cells Abstract PDF
Y. V. Izdebskaya, V. Shvedov, A. Desyatnikov, W. Krolikowski, G. Assanto, Y. Kivshar 10008
Modeling of high-index coating lensed fibers for silicon nanophotonic device coupling Abstract PDF
J. H. Song, K.-H. Lee, F. Peters 10007
Nanostructured surface fabricated by laser interference lithography to attenuate the reflectivity of microlens arrays Abstract PDF
P.-Y. Baroni, B. Päivänranta, T. Scharf, W. Nakagawa, M. Roussey, M. Kuittinen, H. P. Herzig 10006
Simulation and fabrication of active laser mirrors Abstract PDF
M. Knopf, M. Haenle, R. Boerret, A. Kelm 10005
Improving underwater imaging in an amplitude-modulated laser system with radio frequency control technique Abstract PDF
L. De Dominicis, M. Ferri de Collibus, G. Fornetti, M. Guarneri, M. Nuvoli, R. Ricci, M. Francucci 10004
Sub surface damage measurements based on short coherent interferometry Abstract PDF
M. Sergeeva, K. Khrenikov, T. Hellmuth, R. Boerret 10003
Electro-optically induced absorption in α-Si:H/α-SiCN waveguiding multistacks Abstract PDF
S. Rao, F. G. Della Corte, C. Summonte 10002
Matrixes of unconventional micro-optical components molded with etched silicon Abstract PDF
J. Albero, C. Gorecki, L. Nieradko, B. Päivänranta, V. Gomez, H. Thienpont, N. Passilly 10001