Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid publications, Vol 5 (2010)

Sub surface damage measurements based on short coherent interferometry

M. Sergeeva, K. Khrenikov, T. Hellmuth, R. Boerret


During the manufacturing process of glass lenses, especially the grinding step, it is important to control such parameters as shape and sub-surface damage (SSD) with high accuracy which essentially influences the duration and costs of the subsequent polishing process. Typically used methods measure the parameters only separately and suffer from limited resolution. Especially, the nondestructive measurement of SSD is a challenge for the metrology of grinded surfaces. In order to detect these parameters simultaneously, the scanning short-coherence interferometer, a method very similar to optical coherence tomography, is setup and tested at Aalen University. The lens under test is mounted on a rotation stage which can be translated in lateral direction. The sensor beam of the interferometer is focused onto the sample and can be moved along the axial direction. The precision of the depth measurements is 0.25 µm, lateral positioning accuracy is 2 µm and lateral resolution is 4 µm. The system is able to measure SSD at several positions on a lens within 10 min inside the optical workshop.

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