Vol 10 (2015)

Table of Contents

Regular papers

Polarization imaging over sea surface - a method for measurements of Stokes components angular distribution Abstract PDF
W. Freda, J. Piskozub, H. Toczek 15060
Optical path difference evaluation of laser-soldered optical components Abstract PDF
T. Burkhardt, M. Hornaff, D. Burkhardt, E. Beckert 15059
Microscopy assisted fabrication of a hydrogel-based microfluidic filter Abstract PDF
A. Caliò, J. Leng, J. Decock, L. De Stefano, J. B. Salmon 15058
Photopolymer-based volume holographic optical elements: design and possible applications Abstract PDF
G. Bianco, M. A. Ferrara, F. Borbone, A. Roviello, V. Striano, G. Coppola 15057
Accuracy of the subsurface damage parameters calculated by the finite difference algorithm Abstract PDF
H. Wang, G. Fu, L. Xiao, H. Chen, H. Xiao 15056
Design and development of Binary Diffractive Germanium Lens by thin film deposition Abstract PDF
M. Alshami, A. Wabby, M. F. Mousselly 15055
Intrinsic Stokes parameters for 3D and 2D polarization states Abstract PDF
J. J. Gil 15054
Drift compensation using a multichannel slot waveguide Young interferometer Abstract PDF
S. Aikio, M. Hiltunen, P. Stenberg, J. Hiltunen 15053
Light penetration in seawater polluted by dispersed oil: results of radiative transfer modelling Abstract PDF
K. Haule, M. Darecki, H. Toczek 15052
Numerical study on uncertainty of two-color method Abstract PDF
D. Wei, M. Xiao, M. Aketagawa 15051
Spectrofluorometric characteristics of fluorescent dissolved organic matter in a surface microlayer in the Southern Baltic coastal waters Abstract PDF
V. Drozdowska, P. Kowalczuk, M. Jozefowicz 15050
Deterministic measurement and correction of the pad shape in full-aperture polishing processes Abstract PDF
D. Liao, Q. Zhang, R. Xie, X. Chen, S. Zhao, J. Wang 15049
Effect of heat treatment on optical properties of crosslinkable Azo Chromophore doped in poly amic acid Abstract PDF
S. Hamedi, A. Gharavi 15048
Modification of optical properties of seawater exposed to oil contaminants based on excitation-emission spectra Abstract PDF
E. Baszanowska, Z. Otremba 15047
Experimental demonstration of extended depth-of-field f/1.2 visible High Definition camera with jointly optimized phase mask and real-time digital processing Abstract PDF
M.-A. Burcklen, F. Diaz, F. Leprêtre, J. Rollin, A. Delboulbé, M.-S. L. Lee, B. Loiseaux, A. Koudoli, S. Denel, P. Millet, F. Duhem, F. Lemonnier, H. Sauer, F. Goudail 15046
Research on the attenuation characteristics of some inorganic salts in seawater Abstract PDF
X. Han, Y. Peng, Y. Zhang, Z. Ma, J. Wang 15045
Academic innovation: are we truly ready for it? Abstract PDF
P. E. Hänninen 15044i
Performance and flow dynamics studies of polymeric optofluidic SERS sensors Abstract PDF
S. Uusitalo, J. Hiltunen, P. Karioja, S. Siitonen, V. Kontturi, R. Myllylä, M. Kinnunen, I. Meglinski 15043
Simple quasi-common path point diffraction interferometer with adjustable fringe contrast and carrier frequency Abstract PDF
F. Z. Bai, Y. Miao, H. Guo, X. J. Gao, X. Q. Wang 15042
Single-pixel imaging with deterministic complex-valued sensing matrices Abstract PDF
M. Zhao, J. Liu, S. Chen, C. Kang, W. Xu 15041
Guided-mode triggered switching between TE orders of a metal-based grating-waveguide Abstract PDF
O. Parriaux 15040
Refractive index sensing setup based on a taper and an intrinsic micro Fabry-Perot interferometer Abstract PDF
M. Cano-Contreras, A. D. Guzman-Chavez, E. Vargas-Rodriguez, E. Gallegos-Arellano, D. Jauregui-Vazquez, R. I. Mata-Chavez, M. Torres-Cisneros, R. Rojas-Laguna 15039
High-speed, high-accuracy 3D shape measurement based on binary color fringe defocused projection Abstract PDF
B. Li, Y. Fu, Z. Wang, J. Zhang 15038
Wide-angle spectral imaging using a Fabry-Pérot interferometer Abstract PDF
M. Strauch, I. L. Livshits, F. Bociort, H. P. Urbach 15037
Compensation of phase nonlinearity of liquid crystal spatial light modulator for high-resolution wavefront correction Abstract PDF
H. Zhang, H. Zhou, J. Li, Y. J. Qiao, J. Si, W. Gao 15036
Using dispersion-induced group delay to solve the integer ambiguity problem: a theoretical analysis Abstract PDF
D. Wei, M. Xiao, M. Aketagawa 15035
Caustic region fields of an elliptical reflector covered by an anisotropic magnetized plasma layer Abstract PDF
A. Ghaffar, M. A. S. Alkanhal 15034
Enhancements on multi-exposure LASCA to reveal information of speed distribution Abstract PDF
D. Zölei-Szénási, S. Czimmer, T. Smausz, F Domoki, B. Hopp, L. Kemény, F. Bari, I. Iványi 15033
Correction for mapping errors in non-null test of aspheric surface Abstract PDF
W. Weibo, Z. Mengqian, Y. Siwen, F. Zhigang, L. Jian 15032
Near-infrared light absorption and scattering based on a mono-layer of gold nanoparticles Abstract PDF
R. Soltanmoradi, Q. Wang, M. Qiu, S. Popov, M. Yan 15031
Development of a spectrometer for airborne measurement of droplet sizes in clouds Abstract PDF
E. Porcheron, P. Lemaitre, J. Van Beeck, R. Vetrano, M. Brunel, G. Grehan, L. Guiraud 15030
New perspectives in silicon micro and nanophotonics Abstract PDF
M. Casalino, G. Coppola, L. De Stefano, A. Caliò, I. Rea, V. Mocella, P. Dardano, S. Romano, S. Rao, I. Rendina 15029i
Improvement of performance and stability of polymer photovoltaic cells by WO3/CuPc as anode buffer layers Abstract PDF
M. G. Varnamkhasti, E. Shahriari 15028
Kinematic evaluation of the whiffletree lateral support setup and its application for the mirror support of the TMT tertiary mirror Abstract PDF
W. Fu-guo, Z. Linmin, X. Jin 15027
Comparative theoretical analysis between parallel and perpendicular geometries for 2D particle patterning in photovoltaic ferroelectric substrates Abstract PDF
C. Arregui, J. B. Ramiro, A. Alcázar, A. Méndez, J. F. Muñoz-Martínez, M. Carrascosa 15026
Simultaneous measurement of magnetic field and temperature based on magnetic fluid-clad long period fiber grating Abstract PDF
J. Tang, S. Pu, L. Luo, S. Dong 15025
Design of an efficient terahertz wave source from a GaP waveguide embedded in a silicon slot waveguide Abstract PDF
K. Saito, T. Tanabe, Y. Oyama 15024
Exploring the impact of rotating rectangular plasmonic nano-hole arrays on the transmission spectra and its application as a plasmonic sensor Abstract PDF
A. M. Mahros, M. M. Tharwat, I. Ashry 15023
Optimized signal-to-noise ratio with shot noise limited detection in Stimulated Raman Scattering microscopy Abstract PDF
M. J. B. Moester, F. Ariese, J. F. de Boer 15022
Coded access optical sensor (CAOS) imager Abstract PDF
N. A. Riza, M. J. Amin, J. P. La Torre 15021
Characterization of a waveguide Mach-Zehnder interferometer using PDMS as a cover layer Abstract PDF
S. M. Lindecrantz, J.-C. Tinguely, B. Singh Ahluwalia, O. G. Hellesø 15020
Absorbance response of graphene oxide coated on tapered multimode optical fiber towards liquid ethanol Abstract PDF
S. H. Girei, A. A. Shabaneh, H. M. Lim, N. H. Huang, M. A. Mahdi, M. H. Yaacob 15019
Automated characterization and quantification of hydrocarbon seeps based on frontal illuminated video observations Abstract PDF
J. Boelmann, O. Zielinski 15018
Fresnel lens sidewall design for imaging optics Abstract PDF
T. Fujii, A. Goulet, K. Hattori, K. Konno, A. Tanaka, R. Bosmans, M. Sawada, H. Yazawa 15017
UV distributed Bragg reflectors build from porous silicon multilayers Abstract PDF
F. Morales, G. García, A. Luna, R. López, E. Rosendo, T. Diaz, H. Juárez 15016
Flat-gain wide-band erbium doped fiber amplifier by combining two difference doped fibers Abstract PDF
B. A. Hamida, S. M. Azooz, A. A. Jasim, T. Eltaif, H. Ahmad, S. Khan, S. W. Harun 15015
Electromagnetic field intensity distribution along focal region of a metallic circular reflector covered with a plasma layer Abstract PDF
A. Ghaffar, M. A. S. Alkanhal 15014
Dual wavelength single longitudinal mode Ytterbium-doped fiber laser using a dual-tapered Mach-Zehnder interferometer Abstract PDF
H. Ahmad, M. A. M. Salim, S. R. Azzuhri, M. Z. Zulkifli, S. W. Harun 15013
Integrating-sphere measurements for determining optical properties of tissue-engineered oral mucosa Abstract PDF
A. M. Ionescu, J. C. Cardona, I. Garzón, A. C. Oliveira, R. Ghinea, M. Alaminos, M. M. Pérez 15012
Optical schemes of spectrographs with a diffractive optical element in a converging beam Abstract PDF
E. R. Muslimov, N. K. Pavlycheva 15011
Point diffraction interferometry to measure local curvatures and caustics of noisy wave fronts: Application for determining optical properties of fish lenses Abstract PDF
S. Vallmitjana, I. Ricart, S. Bosch, A. Gargallo, E. Acosta 15010
Dual wavelength digital holography for 3D particle image velocimetry Abstract PDF
S. Grare, S. Coëtmellec, D. Allano, G. Grehan, M. Brunel, D. Lebrun 15009
Applying the data fusion method to evaluation of the performance of two control signals in monitoring polarization mode dispersion effects in fiber optic links Abstract PDF
M. Dashtbani Moghari, P. Rezaei, A. Habibalahi 15008
Optical amplification and stability of spiroquaterphenyl compounds and blends Abstract PDF
T. Fuhrmann-Lieker, J. Lambrecht, N. Hoinka, M. Kiurski, A. Wiske, G. Hagelstein, N. Yurttagül, M. Abdel-Awwad, H. Wilke, F. Messow, H. Hillmer, J. Salbeck 15007
Hollow waveguides as polarization converting elements: a theoretical study Abstract PDF
S. F. Helfert, A. Edelmann, J. Jahns 15006
Polarization insensitive single mode Al2O3 rib waveguide design for applications in active and passive optical waveguides Abstract PDF
A. Özden, M. Demirtaş, F. Ay 15005
Highly linear dual parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator incorporating MMI couplers Abstract PDF
B. Mao, P. Yue, F. Hou, Z. Liu 15004
Phase retrieval from carrier frequency interferograms: reduction of the impact of space-variant disturbances Abstract PDF
J. Schwider, V. Nercissian, K. Mantel 15003
Fourier ellipsometry – an ellipsometric approach to Fourier scatterometry Abstract PDF
P. Petrik, N. Kumar, M. Fried, B. Fodor, G. Juhasz, S. F. Pereira, S. Burger, H. P. Urbach 15002
Speckle reduction in double-pass retinal images using variable-focus lenses Abstract PDF
C. E. García-Guerra, M. Aldaba, M. Arjona, J. Pujol 15001