Issue Title
Vol 4 (2009) Design of passive ring resonators to be used for sensing applications Abstract   PDF
C. Ciminelli, C. E. Campanella, M. Nicola Armenise
Vol 8 (2013) Design of subwavelength optical fibre for low-loss Terahertz transmission Abstract   PDF
N. F. Ren, M.-Y. Chen, B. Sun, L. Ge
Vol 9 (2014) Designing LED array for uniform illumination based on local search algorithm Abstract   PDF
P. Lei, Q. Wang, H. Zou
Vol 7 (2012) Detection of inter-hemispheric functional connectivity in motor cortex with coherence analysis Abstract   PDF
V. Varshney, N. Liapounova, A.-M. Golestani, B. Goodyear, J. F. Dunn
Vol 4 (2009) Determination of 3D-region of interest using digital in-line holography with astigmatic Gaussian beams Abstract   PDF
N. Verrier, S. Coëtmellec, M. Brunel, D. Lebrun
Vol 5 (2010) Determination of the anisotropy complex refractive indices of chicken tissues in vitro at 650 nm Abstract   PDF
P. Sun, H. Sun
Vol 10 (2015) Deterministic measurement and correction of the pad shape in full-aperture polishing processes Abstract   PDF
D. Liao, Q. Zhang, R. Xie, X. Chen, S. Zhao, J. Wang
Vol 6 (2011) Development and experimental validation of a versatile prototype Swing Arm Profilometer for measuring optical surfaces Abstract   PDF
H. Jing, Z. Lin, L. Ma, S. Wu, F. Wu
Vol 10 (2015) Development of a spectrometer for airborne measurement of droplet sizes in clouds Abstract   PDF
E. Porcheron, P. Lemaitre, J. Van Beeck, R. Vetrano, M. Brunel, G. Grehan, L. Guiraud
Vol 5 (2010) Development of the physics of microwaves, and its unification with infrared and optical science Abstract   PDF
C. H. Townes
Vol 7 (2012) Differential optics for illumination design in the presence of caustics Abstract   PDF
P. Ott, L. Yu
Vol 7 (2012) Diffractive and interferometric methods to characterize photopolymers with liquid crystal molecules as holographic recording material Abstract   PDF
S. Gallego, A. Márquez, M. Ortuno, J. Francés, I. Pascual, A. Beléndez
Vol 6 (2011) Diffractive shaping of excimer-laser beams for pulsed laser deposition Abstract   PDF
V. Kekkonen, A. Hakola, T. Kajava
Vol 9 (2014) Digital in-line holography assessment for general phase and opaque particle Abstract   PDF
S. Coetmellec, W. Wichitwong, G. Gréhan, D. Lebrun, M. Brunel, A. J. E. M. Janssen
Vol 9 (2014) Digital in-line holography in a droplet with cavitation air bubbles Abstract   PDF
S. Coetmellec, D. Pejchang, D. Allano, G. Grehan, D. Lebrun, M. Brunel, A. J. E. M. Janssen
Vol 6 (2011) Digital in-line holography with a spatially partially coherent beam Abstract   PDF
S. Coëtmellec, C. Remacha, M. Brunel, D. Lebrun, A. J. E. M. Janssen
Vol 8 (2013) Direct machining of curved trenches in silicon with femtosecond accelerating beams Abstract   PDF
A. Mathis, L. Froehly, L. Furfaro, M. Jacquot, J. M. Dudley, F. Courvoisier
Vol 6 (2011) Discontinuous space variant sub-wavelength structures for generating radially polarized light in visible region Abstract   PDF
Z. Ghadyani, S. Dmitriev, N. Lindlein, G. Leuchs, O. Rusina, I. Harder
Vol 6 (2011) Dispersion management in nonlinear photonic crystal fibres with nanostructured core Abstract   PDF
R. Buczynski, D. Pysz, R. Stepien, R. Kasztelanic, I. Kujawa, M. Franczyk, A. Filipkowski, A. J. Waddie, M. R. Taghizadeh
Vol 7 (2012) Distribution of temperature in a single lens due to absorption of light and heat conduction: an adaptive solver Abstract   PDF
M. J. Moritz
Vol 9 (2014) Double-sided split-step MM-wave Fresnel lenses: design, fabrication and focal field measurements Abstract   PDF
V. B. Yurchenko, M. Ciydem, M. Gradziel, J. A. Murphy, A. Altintas
Vol 10 (2015) Drift compensation using a multichannel slot waveguide Young interferometer Abstract   PDF
S. Aikio, M. Hiltunen, P. Stenberg, J. Hiltunen
Vol 8 (2013) Dual wavelength continuous wave laser using a birefringent filter Abstract   PDF
C. G. Trevino-Palacios, O. J. Zapata-Nava, E. V. Mejia-Uriarte, N. Qureshi, G. Paz-Martinez, O. Kolokolstev
Vol 10 (2015) Dual wavelength digital holography for 3D particle image velocimetry Abstract   PDF
S. Grare, S. Coëtmellec, D. Allano, G. Grehan, M. Brunel, D. Lebrun
Vol 10 (2015) Dual wavelength single longitudinal mode Ytterbium-doped fiber laser using a dual-tapered Mach-Zehnder interferometer Abstract   PDF
H. Ahmad, M. A. M. Salim, S. R. Azzuhri, M. Z. Zulkifli, S. W. Harun
Vol 4 (2009) Duty cycle tolerant binary gratings for fabricable short period phase masks Abstract   PDF
E. Gamet, F. Pigeon, O. Parriaux
Vol 2 (2007) Dyakonov--Tamm wave at the planar interface of a chiral sculptured thin film and an isotropic dielectric material Abstract   PDF
A. Lakhtakia, J. A. Polo, Jr.
Vol 8 (2013) Dynamics of a chain of optically coupled micro droplets Abstract   PDF
T. Crouzil, M. Perrin
Vol 5 (2010) Early days of coherence theory and the first Rochester conference on coherence Abstract   PDF
E. Wolf
Vol 6 (2011) Effect of fill-factor on the Talbot effect of diffraction gratings Abstract   PDF
F. J. Salgado-Remacha, L. M. Sanchez-Brea, E. Bernabeu
Vol 10 (2015) Effect of heat treatment on optical properties of crosslinkable Azo Chromophore doped in poly amic acid Abstract   PDF
S. Hamedi, A. Gharavi
Vol 9 (2014) Effect of surface roughness on optical heating of metals Abstract   PDF
M. Auinger, P. Ebbinghaus, A. Blümich, A. Erbe
Vol 7 (2012) Effect of the Metallization on the Resonances of THz Fishnet Metamaterials Abstract   PDF
C. Sabah, H. G. Roskos
Vol 8 (2013) Effective and flexible modeling approach to investigate various 3D Talbot carpets from a spatial finite mask Abstract   PDF
J. Maaß, O. Sandfuchs, D. Thomae, A. Gatto, R. Brunner
Vol 1 (2006) Effective spectral optical functions of lamellar nanogratings Abstract   PDF
M. Foldyna, K. Postava, R. Ossikovski, A. De Martino, E. Garcia-Caurel
Vol 2 (2007) Effects of partial coherence on frequency combs Abstract   PDF
V. Torres-Company, H. Lajunen, A. T. Friberg
Vol 1 (2006) Efficient optimization of hollow-core photonic crystal fiber design using the finite-element method Abstract   PDF
R. Holzlohner, S. Burger, P. J. Roberts
Vol 7 (2012) Eigenvalue calibration methods for polarimetry Abstract   PDF
C. Macias-Romero, P. Török
Vol 3 (2008) Electrically induced Bragg Reflectors in In/InGaAsP waveguides as ultrafast optoelectronic modulators Abstract   PDF
M. De Laurentis, A. Irace, G. Breglio
Vol 1 (2006) Electrically tunable, ultranarrowband, circular-polarization rejection filters with electro-optic structurally chiral materials Abstract   PDF
A. Lakhtakia
Vol 10 (2015) Electromagnetic field intensity distribution along focal region of a metallic circular reflector covered with a plasma layer Abstract   PDF
A. Ghaffar, M. A. S. Alkanhal
Vol 5 (2010) Electro-optical modulating multistack device based on the CMOS-compatible technology of amorphous silicon Abstract   PDF
S. Rao, F. G. Della Corte
Vol 5 (2010) Electro-optically induced absorption in α-Si:H/α-SiCN waveguiding multistacks Abstract   PDF
S. Rao, F. G. Della Corte, C. Summonte
Vol 2 (2007) Energy and momentum flux in a high-numerical-aperture beam using the extended Nijboer-Zernike diffraction formalism Abstract   PDF
J. J.M. Braat, S. van Haver, A. J.E.M. Janssen, P. Dirksen
Vol 9 (2014) Energy efficiency of a new trifocal intraocular lens Abstract   PDF
F. Vega, F. Alba-Bueno, M. S. Millán
Vol 5 (2010) Energy scalable terahertz-wave parametric oscillator using surface-emitted configuration Abstract   PDF
T. Ikari, R. Guo, H. Minamide, H. Ito
Vol 2 (2007) Enhanced transmission through arrays of subwavelength holes in gold films coated by a finite dielectric layer Abstract   PDF
S. Xiao, N. A. Mortensen, M. Qiu
Vol 6 (2011) Enhancement of photodetector responsivity in standard SOI CMOS processes by introducing resonant grating structures Abstract   PDF
M. Auer, K.-H. Brenner
Vol 10 (2015) Enhancements on multi-exposure LASCA to reveal information of speed distribution Abstract   PDF
D. Zölei-Szénási, S. Czimmer, T. Smausz, F Domoki, B. Hopp, L. Kemény, F. Bari, I. Iványi
Vol 6 (2011) Equivalent temperature of nonlinear-optical crystals interacting with laser radiation Abstract   PDF
O. A. Ryabushkin, D. V. Myasnikov, A. V. Konyashkin, V. A. Tyrtyshnyy
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