Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid publications, Vol 8 (2013)

Wavelength-dependent nonlinear optical loop mirror for simultaneous amplitude noise reduction at two wavelengths

O. Pottiez, B. Ibarra-Escamilla, E. A. Kuzin


We propose and study analytically and numerically a polarisation-imbalanced Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror (NOLM) scheme exhibitinga wavelength-dependent nonlinear characteristic. The device includes a symmetric coupler, an isotropic (or, in practice, twisted nonpolarisation-maintaining) fibre loop and a section of high birefringence (HiBi) fibre to break the polarisation symmetry. Thanks to thewavelength-dependent phase shift of the HiBi fibre, wavelength-dependent switching is obtained. For proper orientation of the HiBi fibrein the loop plane and using linear input polarisation at 45° with respect to its birefringence axes, the NOLM switching power varies withwavelength, whereas its zero low-power transmission and 100% maximal transmission are constant. Through slight adjustments of the HiBifibre birefringence, which can be realised mechanically or thermally, the ratio between switching powers at two particular wavelengthscan be readily adjusted. We show numerically that this scheme can be applied to simultaneous amplitude regeneration of two wavelengthchannels exhibiting uneven power levels.

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