Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid publications, Vol 8 (2013)

Novel trends in optical non-destructive testing methods

P. Huke, R. Klattenhoff, C. von Kopylow, R. B. Bergmann


Non-destructive testing (NDT) describes a wide range of methods for measuring and comparing physical quantities against a nominal condition. In this paper we describe and compare different optical NdT (ONDT)-methods with respect to their characteristics and capability for different measurement tasks. ONDT may be specified in two categories, passive and active. The NDT principles of the first category just use a measurement method like view inspection, elipsometry or reflectometry to detect defects which are easily accessible. The principles of the second category use an excitation force, such as heat or mechanical vibration introduced by transducers to detect hidden defects. This category can be specified into two subcategories. The first subcategory "time-/depth-resolved" includes measurement methods delivering detailed information of the geometric features of a hidden defect. Therefore the excitation of the material and the detection of the reaction have to provide a time step which enables depth-solved measurements. Phase-resolved thermography and laser ultrasound are examples for this category. The second subcategory "Integrating" includes measurement technique coupled with an excitation that enables detection of defects but not evaluation of their geometric features. Examples for these measurement techniques are shearography, reflectometry, vibrometry and thermography coupled with excitation method like simple heating or loading with a constant force. We demonstrate experimental results obtained using methods developed in our institute and highlight directions of further development.

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