Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid publications, Vol 8 (2013)

Qualifying parabolic mirrors with deflectometry

J. Burke, W. Li, A. Heimsath, C. von Kopylow, R. B. Bergmann


Phase-measuring deflectometry is a full-field gradient technique that lends itself very well to testing reflective optical surfaces. In the past, the industry’s interest has been focussed mainly on the detection of defects and ripples, since it is easy to achieve sensitivity in the nm range. On the other hand, attempts to reconstruct the absolute surface shape from the gradient map have been plagued by systematic errors that accumulate to unacceptable uncertainties during data integration. Recently, thanks to improved measurement and evaluation techniques, the state of the art in absolute surface measurement has reached a level of maturity that allows its practical usage in precision optical manufacturing and qualification systems. We demonstrate the techniques, and the progress, by way of results from mirrors for telescopes, solar concentrators, and precision laboratory assemblies.

© The Authors. All rights reserved. [DOI: 10.2971/jeos.2013.13014]

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