Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid publications, Vol 5 (2010)

Alteration of optical and morphological properties of polycarbonate illuminated by visible/IR laser beams

H. Ehssani, S. Saghafi, M. Ghoranneviss, M. Hantehzadeh, H. Hosseini, H.-U. Dodt


In this paper we investigate the effects of visible to near infrared (NIR) laser illumination on the optical transmission (OT) and morphological changes (MC) of thin, curved surfaces of polycarbonate (PC) as employed by industry. The second harmonic of Nd:YAG laser (532 nm) and two diode lasers (665 and 980 nm) were used as sources. We have shown that the morphological changes and optical transmission of the PC elements are influenced by visible to infrared coherent illumination. The morphological changes of the PC surfaces are determined using atomic force microscopy (AFM), demonstrating the appreciable changes caused by the shorter wavelengths (higher energy). When analyzing the OT spectra of PC thin films, a measurable decrease in the OT of the PC surfaces which were illuminated by 532, 665 and 980 nm, in particular 532 nm, for energy densities greater than 25 J/cm^2 can be seen.

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