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Vol 8 (2013) Performance analysis of wavelength multiplexed SAC OCDMA codes in beat noise mitigation in SAC OCDMA systems Abstract   PDF
A. M. Alhassan, N. Badruddin, N. M. Saad, S. A. Aljunid
Vol 10 (2015) Performance and flow dynamics studies of polymeric optofluidic SERS sensors Abstract   PDF
S. Uusitalo, J. Hiltunen, P. Karioja, S. Siitonen, V. Kontturi, R. Myllylä, M. Kinnunen, I. Meglinski
Vol 5 (2010) Performance considerations for continuous-wave and pulsed laser line scan (LLS) imaging systems Abstract   PDF
F. M. Caimi, F. R. Dalgleish
Vol 4 (2009) Performance of a solid-state frequency-shifted feedback laser in optical ranging Abstract   PDF
C. Ndiaye, T. Hara, H. Ito
Vol 8 (2013) Phase retrieval between overlapping orders in coherent Fourier scatterometry using scanning Abstract   PDF
N. Kumar, O. El Gawhary, S. Roy, S. E. Pereira, H. P. Urbach
Vol 10 (2015) Phase retrieval from carrier frequency interferograms: reduction of the impact of space-variant disturbances Abstract   PDF
J. Schwider, V. Nercissian, K. Mantel
Vol 9 (2014) Phase-sensitive near field Investigation of Bloch surface wave propagation in curved waveguides Abstract   PDF
X. Wu, E. Barakat, L. Yu, L. Sun, J. Wang, Q. Tan, H. P. Herzig
Vol 8 (2013) Photonic crystal electrode to be used in organic LED structures Abstract   PDF
L. Petti, M. Rippa, R. Capasso, G. Nenna, A. De Girolamo Del Mauro, V. La Ferrara, A. Pacheri Madathil, C. Minarini
Vol 1 (2006) Photonic crystal fibres: mapping Maxwell's equations onto a Schrödinger equation eigenvalue problem Abstract   PDF
N. A. Mortensen
Vol 10 (2015) Photopolymer-based volume holographic optical elements: design and possible applications Abstract   PDF
G. Bianco, M. A. Ferrara, F. Borbone, A. Roviello, V. Striano, G. Coppola
Vol 4 (2009) Photopolymers: beyond the standard approach to photosensitisation Abstract   PDF
I. G. Naydenova, S. Martin, V. Toal
Vol 1 (2006) Plasmonic Marangoni forces Abstract   PDF
A. Lereu, A. Passian, R. H. Farahi, S. Zahrai, T. Thundat
Vol 10 (2015) Point diffraction interferometry to measure local curvatures and caustics of noisy wave fronts: Application for determining optical properties of fish lenses Abstract   PDF
S. Vallmitjana, I. Ricart, S. Bosch, A. Gargallo, E. Acosta
Vol 9 (2014) Polarimetric approach for man-made impurities detection in isotropic materials Abstract   PDF
A. Buono, M. Iodice, I. Rendina, F. Nunziata, M. Migliaccio
Vol 2 (2007) Polarization and coherence for vectorial electromagnetic waves and the ray picture of light propagation Abstract   PDF
A. Luis
Vol 11 (2016) Polarization beating of random electromagnetic beams Abstract   PDF
H. Lajunen, J. Salaj, T. Setälä
Vol 3 (2008) Polarization conversion by dielectric subwavelength gratings in conical mounting Abstract   PDF
N. Passilly, P. Karvinen, K. Ventola, P. Laakkonen, J. Turunen, J. Tervo
Vol 3 (2008) Polarization conversion with a photonic crystal slab Abstract   PDF
M. Laroche, F. Marquier, C. Vandenbem, J.-J. Greffet
Vol 10 (2015) Polarization imaging over sea surface - a method for measurements of Stokes components angular distribution Abstract   PDF
W. Freda, J. Piskozub, H. Toczek
Vol 1 (2006) Polarization insensitive blazed diffraction gratings Abstract   PDF
N. Bonod, E. Popov, S. Enoch, J. Neauport
Vol 10 (2015) Polarization insensitive single mode Al2O3 rib waveguide design for applications in active and passive optical waveguides Abstract   PDF
A. Özden, M. Demirtaş, F. Ay
Vol 3 (2008) Polarization sensitivity of optical resonant dipole antennas Abstract   PDF
H. Fischer, O. J. F. Martin
Vol 11 (2016) Polishing material removal correlation on PMMA – FEM simulation Abstract   PDF
R. Almeida, R. Börret, W. Rimkus, D. K. Harrison, A. K. M. DeSilva
Vol 8 (2013) Polishing of optical media by dielectric barrier discharge inert gas plasma at atmospheric pressure Abstract   PDF
C. Gerhard, T. Weihs, A. Luca, S. Wieneke, W. Viöl
Vol 9 (2014) Polychromatic speckle reduction in laser pico-projectors using stationary dual Hadamard diffusers Abstract   PDF
W. Thomas, C. Middlebrook
Vol 4 (2009) Polymer co-crystalline films for photonics Abstract   PDF
C. Daniel, A. R. Albunia, C. D'aniello, P. Rizzo, V. Venditto, G. Guerra
Vol 6 (2011) Power smart in-door optical wireless link design Abstract   PDF
P. J. Marraccini, N. A. Riza
Vol 4 (2009) Precision measurements of gravity using cold atom sensors Abstract   PDF
F. Sorrentino, M. de Angelis, A. Bertoldi, L. Cacciapuoti, A. Giorgini, M. Prevedelli, G. Rosi, G. M. Tino
Vol 9 (2014) Principal component analysis in the spectral analysis of the dynamic laser speckle patterns Abstract   PDF
K. M. Ribeiro, R. A. Braga Jr., G. W. Horgan, D. D. Ferreira, T. Sáfadi
Vol 2 (2007) Probing canonical geometrical objects by digital spiral imaging Abstract   PDF
G. Molina-Terriza, L. Rebane, J. P. Torres, L. Torner, S. Carrasco
Vol 3 (2008) Progress towards lightning control using lasers Abstract   PDF
J. Kasparian, R. Ackermann, Y.-B. André, G. Méchain, G. Méjean, B. Prade, P. Rohwetter, E. Salmon, K. Stelmaszczyk, J. Yu, A. Mysyrowicz, R. Sauerbrey, L. Woeste, J.-P. Wolf
Vol 4 (2009) Prospects for poor-man's cloaking with low-contrast all-dielectric optical elements Abstract   PDF
N. A. Mortensen, O. Sigmund, O. Breinbjerg
Vol 8 (2013) Qualifying parabolic mirrors with deflectometry Abstract   PDF
J. Burke, W. Li, A. Heimsath, C. von Kopylow, R. B. Bergmann
Vol 9 (2014) Quality control of injection molded eyewear by non-contact deflectometry Abstract   PDF
A. Speck, B. Zelzer, A. Langenbucher, T. Eppig
Vol 4 (2009) Quality factor and finesse optimization in buried InGaAsP/InP ring resonators Abstract   PDF
C. Ciminelli, V. M.N. Passaro, F. Dell'Olio, M. N. Armenise
Vol 6 (2011) Quantifying the 2.5D imaging performance of digital holographic systems Abstract   PDF
D. P. Kelly, J. J. Healy, B. M. Hennelly, J. T. Sheridan
Vol 2 (2007) Quantitative analysis of the thermal distortions in a 100 W CW Nd:YAG ceramic slab laser. Abstract   PDF
A. Lapucci, M. Ciofini, E. Favilla, E. Sani, M. De Rosa, G. Mincuzzi, A. S. D. Rocco
Vol 9 (2014) Quantitative characterization of super-resolution infrared imaging based on time-varying focal plane coding Abstract   PDF
X. Wang, Y. Yuan, J. Zhang, Y. Chen, Y. Cheng
Vol 3 (2008) Quantitative multi-elemental laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy using artificial neural networks Abstract   PDF
V. Motto-Ros, A. S. Koujelev, G. R. Osinski, A. E. Dudelzak
Vol 9 (2014) Quantum conditional cloning of continuous variable entangled states Abstract   PDF
K. Liu, J. R. Gao
Vol 5 (2010) Quantum theory of coherence and nonlinear optics Abstract   PDF
J. Perina
Vol 8 (2013) Radiative properties of carriers in CdSe-CdS core-shell heterostructured nanocrystals of various geometries Abstract   PDF
S. Zhou, L. Dong, S. Popov, A. T. Friberg
Vol 9 (2014) Radiometric and noise characteristics of InAs-rich T2SL MWIR pin photodiodes Abstract   PDF
E. Giard, R. Taalat, M. Delmas, J.-B. Rodriguez, P. Christol, I. Ribet-Mohamed
Vol 6 (2011) Raman amplification of optical pulses in silicon nanowaveguides: Impact of spectral broadening of pump pulses Abstract   PDF
A. Baron, N. Dubreuil, P. Delaye, R. Frey, G. P. Agrawal
Vol 3 (2008) Real-time terahertz imaging for art conservation science Abstract   PDF
K. Fukunaga, N. Sekine, I. Hosako, N. Oda, H. Yoneyama, T. Sudou
Vol 9 (2014) Recent advances in miniaturized optical gyroscopes Abstract   PDF
F. Dell'Olio, T. Tatoli, C. Ciminelli, M. N. Armenise
Vol 9 (2014) Reduced symmetry and analogy to chirality in periodic dielectric media Abstract   PDF
I. H. Giden, M. Turduev, H. Kurt
Vol 8 (2013) Reducing BER of spectral-amplitude coding optical code-division multiple-access systems by single photodiode detection technique Abstract   PDF
H. M. R. Al-Khafaji, S. A. Aljunid, A. Amphawan, H. A. Fadhil, A. M. Safar
Vol 6 (2011) Reduction of global interference in functional multidistance near-infrared spectroscopy using empirical mode decomposition and recursive least squares: a Monte Carlo study Abstract   PDF
Y. Zhang, J. Sun, P. Rolfe
Vol 8 (2013) Reduction of the nonlinear phase shift induced by stimulated Brillouin scattering for bi-directional pumping configuration system using particle swarm optimization algorithm Abstract   PDF
H. A. Al-Asadi
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