Issue Title
Vol 9 (2014) Error correction of a phase-only computer-generated hologram for an aspheric surface Abstract   PDF
H. Zhang, Y. Yan, H. Zhou, Y. J. Qiao, J. Si, D. Wang
Vol 3 (2008) Estimation precision of degree of polarization in the presence of signal-dependent and additive Poisson noises Abstract   PDF
A. Bénière, F Goudail, M. Alouini, D. Dolfi
Vol 6 (2011) Evaluating subsurface damage in optical glasses Abstract   PDF
Y. Lee
Vol 8 (2013) Evidence for the Double Excimer State of conjugated polymer in a liquid solution Abstract   PDF
K. H. Ibnaouf, S. Prasad, V. Masilamani, M. S. AlSalhi, A. S. Alaamer
Vol 2 (2007) Excitation back transfer in a statistical model for upconversion in Er-doped fibres Abstract   PDF
S. Sergeyev, S. Popov
Vol 3 (2008) Experimental demonstration of distance measurement with a femtosecond frequency comb laser Abstract   PDF
M. Cui, R. N. Schouten, N. Bhattacharya, S. A. Berg
Vol 10 (2015) Experimental demonstration of extended depth-of-field f/1.2 visible High Definition camera with jointly optimized phase mask and real-time digital processing Abstract   PDF
M.-A. Burcklen, F. Diaz, F. Leprêtre, J. Rollin, A. Delboulbé, M.-S. L. Lee, B. Loiseaux, A. Koudoli, S. Denel, P. Millet, F. Duhem, F. Lemonnier, H. Sauer, F. Goudail
Vol 3 (2008) Experimental demonstration of singular-optical colouring of regularly scattered white light Abstract   PDF
O. V. Angelsky, S. G. Hanson, P. P. Maksimyak, A. P. Maksimyak, A. L. Negrych
Vol 2 (2007) Experimental validation of the reverse polar decomposition of depolarizing Mueller matrices Abstract   PDF
M. Anastasiadou, S. Ben Hatit, R. Ossikovski, S. Guyot, A. De Martino
Vol 10 (2015) Exploring the impact of rotating rectangular plasmonic nano-hole arrays on the transmission spectra and its application as a plasmonic sensor Abstract   PDF
A. M. Mahros, M. M. Tharwat, I. Ashry
Vol 1 (2006) Fabrication and characterization of low-loss polymeric waveguides and micro-resonators Abstract   PDF
J. Scheuer, A. Yariv
Vol 8 (2013) Fabrication of adhesive lenses using free surface shaping Abstract   PDF
D. Hoheisel, C. Kelb, M. Wall, B. Roth, L. Rissing
Vol 7 (2012) Fabrication of low-loss SOI nano-waveguides including BEOL processes for nonlinear applications Abstract   PDF
H. Tian, G. Winzer, A. Gajda, K. Petermann, B. Tillack, L. Zimmermann
Vol 8 (2013) Fabrication of single-mode channel polymer waveguides using vacuum assisted microfluidic soft lithography Abstract   PDF
S. Baig, G. Jiang, Q. Sun, M. R. Wang
Vol 5 (2010) Fabrication of subwavelength structured surfaces via electrospray deposition of nanobeads Abstract   PDF
M. Heilmann, M. Pfeffer, Y. Yamagata, S.-Y. Morita
Vol 11 (2016) False detection of dangerous and neutral substances in commonly used materials by means of the standard THz Time Domain Spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
V. A. Trofimov, S. A. Varentsova
Vol 4 (2009) Femtosecond optical frequency comb-based tandem interferometer Abstract   PDF
D. Wei, S. Takahashi, K. Takamasu, H. Matsumoto
Vol 7 (2012) Fiber optic sensors for precursory acoustic signals detection in rockfall events Abstract   PDF
L. Schenato, L. Palmieri, G. Gruca, D. Iannuzzi, G. Marcato, A. Pasuto, A. Galtarossa
Vol 10 (2015) Flat-gain wide-band erbium doped fiber amplifier by combining two difference doped fibers Abstract   PDF
B. A. Hamida, S. M. Azooz, A. A. Jasim, T. Eltaif, H. Ahmad, S. Khan, S. W. Harun
Vol 6 (2011) Fluorescence quenching and photobleaching in Au/Rh6G nanoassemblies: impact of competition between radiative and non-radiative decay Abstract   PDF
L. Dong, F. Ye, J. Hu, S. Popov, A. T. Friberg, M. Muhammed
Vol 6 (2011) Focusing of electromagnetic waves into a dielectric slab. II. Numerical results Abstract   PDF
D. Velauthapillai, J. J. Stamnes
Vol 10 (2015) Fourier ellipsometry – an ellipsometric approach to Fourier scatterometry Abstract   PDF
P. Petrik, N. Kumar, M. Fried, B. Fodor, G. Juhasz, S. F. Pereira, S. Burger, H. P. Urbach
Vol 3 (2008) Fourier transformed picosecond synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator without spectral filtering element Abstract   PDF
A. Ryasnyanskiy, N. Dubreuil, Ph. Delaye, R. Frey, G. Roosen
Vol 7 (2012) Four-Wave-Mixing in Zirconia-Yttria-Aluminum Erbium Codoped Silica Fiber Abstract   PDF
H. Ahmad, M. C. Paul, N. A. Awang, S. W. Harun, M. Pal, K. Thambiratnam
Vol 10 (2015) Fresnel lens sidewall design for imaging optics Abstract   PDF
T. Fujii, A. Goulet, K. Hattori, K. Konno, A. Tanaka, R. Bosmans, M. Sawada, H. Yazawa
Vol 4 (2009) Gain-controlled wave chaos in a chaotic optical fibre Abstract   PDF
C. Michel, S. Tascu, V. Doya, O. Legrand, F. Mortessagne
Vol 5 (2010) General formulation of digital in-line holography from correlation with a chirplet function Abstract   PDF
S. Coëtmellec, N. Verrier, M. Brunel, D. Lebrun
Vol 1 (2006) Generation of squeezing in higher order Hermite-Gaussian modes with an optical parametric amplifier Abstract   PDF
M. Lassen, V. Delaubert, C.C. Harb, P.K. Lam, N. Treps, H-A. Bachor
Vol 11 (2016) Group refractive index calculation by difference approximation for length measurement Abstract   PDF
D. Wei, M. Xiao, P. Yang
Vol 10 (2015) Guided-mode triggered switching between TE orders of a metal-based grating-waveguide Abstract   PDF
O. Parriaux
Vol 4 (2009) Guided-wave photodetectors in germanium on optical chips in silicon-on-insulator Abstract   PDF
V. Sorianello, M. Balbi, L. Colace, G. Assanto, L. Socci, M. Romagnoli
Vol 9 (2014) Half-linear cavity multiwavelength Brillouin-erbium fiber laser Abstract   PDF
A. W. Al-Alimi, M. H. Yaacob, A. E. Abas
Vol 8 (2013) High coupling efficiency to a low dispersion slow light-supporting photonic crystal waveguide Abstract   PDF
M. Khatibi Moghaddam, A. R. Attari, M. M. Mirsalehi
Vol 6 (2011) High efficiency, diode pumped 170 W Nd:YAG ceramic slab laser Abstract   PDF
A. Lapucci, M. Ciofini, M. Pucci, M. D’Uva
Vol 7 (2012) High NA diffractive array illuminators and application in a multi-spot scanning microscope Abstract   PDF
B. Hulsken, D. Vossen, S. Stallinga
Vol 6 (2011) High pulse energy and symmetrical far field from an optical parametric oscillator in the red spectral range Abstract   PDF
G. Rustad, O. Farsund
Vol 9 (2014) High resolution 2-D fluorescence imaging of the mass boundary layer thickness at free water surfaces Abstract   PDF
C. Kräuter, D. Trofimova, D. Kiefhaber, N. Krah, B. Jähne
Vol 5 (2010) High resolution displacement detection with speckles : accuracy limits in linear displacement speckle metrology Abstract   PDF
R. Filter, T. Scharf, H. P. Herzig
Vol 2 (2007) High sensitivity photonic crystal pressure sensor Abstract   PDF
D. Biallo, M. De Sario, A. D'Orazio, V. Marrocco, V. Petruzzelli, M. A. Vincenti, F. Prudenzano, T. Stomeo, M. Grande, G. Visimberga, R. Cingolani, M De Vittorio
Vol 3 (2008) High speed partial Stokes imaging using a ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator Abstract   PDF
A. Jaulin, L. Bigué
Vol 2 (2007) High-efficiency wide-band metal-dielectric resonant grating for 20fs pulse compression Abstract   PDF
M. Flury, S. Tonchev, R. Fechner, A. Schindler, O. Parriaux
Vol 1 (2006) Highly dispersive photonic band-gap-edge optofluidic biosensors Abstract   PDF
S. Xiao, N. A. Mortensen
Vol 10 (2015) Highly linear dual parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator incorporating MMI couplers Abstract   PDF
B. Mao, P. Yue, F. Hou, Z. Liu
Vol 1 (2006) High-NA aberration retrieval with the extended Nijboer-Zernike vector diffraction theory Abstract   PDF
S. van Haver, J.J.M. Braat, P. Dirksen, A.J.E.M. Janssen
Vol 2 (2007) High-NA aberration retrieval with the extended Nijboer-Zernike vector diffraction theory - Erratum Abstract   PDF
S. van Haver, J.J.M. Braat, P. Dirksen, A. J.E.M. Janssen
Vol 10 (2015) High-speed, high-accuracy 3D shape measurement based on binary color fringe defocused projection Abstract   PDF
B. Li, Y. Fu, Z. Wang, J. Zhang
Vol 9 (2014) High-speed imaging of short wind waves by shape from refraction Abstract   PDF
D. Kiefhaber, S. Reith, R. Rocholz, B. Jähne
Vol 3 (2008) High-temperature type IIa gratings in 12-ring photonic crystal fibre with germanosilicate core Abstract   PDF
K. Cook, A. A. P. Pohl, J. Canning
Vol 10 (2015) Hollow waveguides as polarization converting elements: a theoretical study Abstract   PDF
S. F. Helfert, A. Edelmann, J. Jahns
Vol 8 (2013) Holographic superresolution using spatial light modulator Abstract   PDF
A. Hussain, J. L. Martínez, J. Campos
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