Issue Title
Vol 5 (2010) Spectral analysis of the Forel-Ule Ocean colour comparator scale. Abstract   PDF
M. R. Wernand, H. J. van der Woerd
Vol 3 (2008) Spectral confocal reflection microscopy using a white light source Abstract   PDF
M. Booth, R. Juškaitis, T. Wilson
Vol 7 (2012) Spectral interferometry-based chromatic dispersion measurement of fibre including the zero-dispersion wavelength Abstract   PDF
P. Hlubina, M. Kadulová, D. Ciprian
Vol 6 (2011) Spectral properties for 1D multilayer systems and application to super resolution Abstract   PDF
A. Mandatori, M. Bertolotti
Vol 3 (2008) Spectral resolution of optical filters based on diffractive optical elements with non-uniform illumination Abstract   PDF
H. Angelskår, A. S. Sudbø
Vol 9 (2014) Spectral signatures of fluorescence and light absorption to identify crude oils found in the marine environment Abstract   PDF
E. Baszanowska, Z. Otremba
Vol 8 (2013) Spectral switching control of ultrafast pulses in dual core photonic crystal fibre Abstract   PDF
M. Koys, I. Bugar, I. Hrebikova, V. Mesaros, R. Buczynski, F. Uherek
Vol 4 (2009) Spectrally narrow polarisation conversion in a slow-light photonic crystal waveguide Abstract   PDF
J. Canning, M. Kristensen, N. Skivesen, C. Martelli, A. Tetu, L. H. Frandsen
Vol 10 (2015) Spectrofluorometric characteristics of fluorescent dissolved organic matter in a surface microlayer in the Southern Baltic coastal waters Abstract   PDF
V. Drozdowska, P. Kowalczuk, M. Jozefowicz
Vol 11 (2016) Spectroscopic evidence of anthropogenic compounds extraction from polymers by fluorescent dissolved organic matter in natural water Abstract   PDF
M. Miranda, A. Trojzuck, D. Voss, S. Gassmann, O. Zielinski
Vol 6 (2011) Spectroscopy and terahertz imaging for sigillography applications Abstract   PDF
P. Mounaix, A. Younus, J. C. Delagnes, E. Abraham, L. Canioni, M. Fabre
Vol 8 (2013) Spherical refractive correction with an electro-optical liquid lens in a double-pass system Abstract   PDF
F. Sanàbria, F. Díaz-Doutón, M. Aldaba, J. Pujol
Vol 11 (2016) Statistical classification of soft solder alloys by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: review of methods Abstract   PDF
R. Zdunek, M. Nowak, E. Pliński
Vol 2 (2007) Strehl ratio and optimum focus of high-numerical-aperture beams Abstract   PDF
A.J.E.M. Janssen, S. van Haver, J.J.M. Braat, P. Dirksen
Vol 3 (2008) Study of a circular Gaussian transition in an optical speckle field Abstract   PDF
I. Bergoënd, X. Orlik, E. Lacot
Vol 9 (2014) Study of single mode tapered fiber-optic interferometer of different waist diameters and its application as a temperature sensor Abstract   PDF
T. K. Yadav, M. A. Mustapa, M. H. Abu Bakar, M. A. Mahdi
Vol 9 (2014) Study on the temperature field loaded by a shaped laser beam on the top surface of a cylinder head for thermal fatigue test Abstract   PDF
S.-Z. Nie, J. Yu, G. Yu, Q.-F. Tan, Z.-W. Fan
Vol 5 (2010) Sub surface damage measurements based on short coherent interferometry Abstract   PDF
M. Sergeeva, K. Khrenikov, T. Hellmuth, R. Boerret
Vol 9 (2014) Subsurface disorder and electro-optical properties of proton-exchanged LiNbO3 waveguides produced by different techniques Abstract   PDF
S. M. Kostritskii, Y. N. Korkishko, V. A. Fedorov, V. P. Mitrokhin, O. G. Sevostyanov, I. M. Chirkova, O. Stepanenko, M. De Micheli
Vol 7 (2012) Subwavelength resolution of the annular photonic crystal with negative refraction Abstract   PDF
F. Xia, M. Yun, M. Liu, J. Liang, W. Kong, Y. Wan
Vol 9 (2014) Surface characterization by structure function analysis Abstract   PDF
T. Kreis, J. Burke, R. B. Bergmann
Vol 4 (2009) Surface mapping of carrier density in a GaN wafer using a frequency-agile THz source Abstract   PDF
S. Ohno, A. Hamano, K. Miyamoto, C. Suzuki, H. Ito
Vol 5 (2010) Switchable photonic crystal cavity by liquid crystal infiltration Abstract   PDF
P.-Y. Baroni, Q. Tan, V. Paeder, A. Cosentino, M. Roussey, T. Scharf, H. P. Herzig, W. Nakagawa
Vol 1 (2006) Switching and instabilities of optical vortices in nonlinear dual-core photonic crystal fibre couplers Abstract   PDF
J. R. Salgueiro, H. Michinel, A. Ferrando, Y. Kivshar
Vol 3 (2008) Synchronisation of spatiotemporal complex states by incoherent coupling Abstract   PDF
K. Havermann, B. Gütlich, C. Denz
Vol 7 (2012) Synthesis, characterization and nonlinear optical properties of silver/PVA nanocomposites Abstract   PDF
N. Faraji, W. Mahmood Mat Younus, A. Kharazmi, E. Saion, M. Shahmiri, N. Tamchek
Vol 8 (2013) Synthesis of sources with Markovian features Abstract   PDF
G. Martínez-Niconoff, P. Martínez-Vara, E. Andrés-Zarate, J. Silva-Barranco, J. Munoz-Lopez
Vol 8 (2013) Synthetic adjacent pulse repetition interval length method to solve integer ambiguity problem: theoretical analysis Abstract   PDF
D. Wei, K. Takamasu, H. Matsumoto
Vol 5 (2010) Synthetic modeling of astronomical closed loop adaptive optics Abstract   PDF
L. Jolissaint
Vol 1 (2006) Talbot bands and temporal processing of optical signals Abstract   PDF
J. Jahns, A.W. Lohmann, M. Bohling
Vol 2 (2007) Technology and performances of silicon oxynitride waveguides for optomechanical sensors fabricated by plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition Abstract   PDF
A. Sabac, C. Gorecki, M. Jozwik, L. Nieradko, C. Meunier, K. Gut
Vol 9 (2014) Temperature effect on the optical emission intensity in laser induced breakdown spectroscopy of super alloys Abstract   PDF
S. M. R. Darbani, M. Ghezelbash, A. E. Majd, M. Soltanolkotabi, H. Saghafifar
Vol 8 (2013) Temporal coherence shaping based on spectral-domain destructive interference of pulses with different self-phase modulations Abstract   PDF
D. Wei, K. Takamasu, H. Matsumoto
Vol 1 (2006) Temporal Lau effect: Noncoherent regeneration of periodic pulse trains Abstract   PDF
J. Lancis, C. M. Gómez-Sarabia, J. Ojeda-Castañeda, C. R Fernández-Pousa, P. Andrés Bou
Vol 5 (2010) Terahertz analysis of an East Asian historical mural painting Abstract   PDF
K. Fukunaga, I. Hosako, Y. Kohdzuma, T. Koezuka, M.-J. Kim, T. Ikari, X. Du
Vol 2 (2007) Terahertz imaging: a new non-destructive technique for the quality control of plastic weld joints Abstract   PDF
S. Wietzke, C. Jördens, N. Krumbholz, B. Baudrit, M. Bastian, M. Koch
Vol 4 (2009) The development of a compact free spectral range semiconductor laser biosensor Abstract   PDF
J. Coote, S. Reddy, S. J. Sweeney
Vol 8 (2013) The effect of nanoparticle size on thermal diffusivity of gold nano-fluid measured using thermal lens technique Abstract   PDF
E. Shahriari, W. M. Mat Yunus, R. Zamiri
Vol 6 (2011) The exact theory for scattering of waves by thick holes in a slab and other objects with non-separable geometries Abstract   PDF
B. J. Hoenders
Vol 8 (2013) The Forel-Ule scale revisited spectrally: preparation protocol, transmission measurements and chromaticity Abstract   PDF
S. Novoa, M. R. Wernand, H. J. van der Woerd
Vol 9 (2014) The impact of O/Si ratio and hydrogen content on ArF excimer laser ablation of fused silica Abstract   PDF
D. Tasche, C. Gerhard, J. Ihlemann, S. Wieneke, W. Viöl
Vol 9 (2014) The influence of the aspheric profiles for transition zone on optical performance of human eye after conventional ablation Abstract   PDF
L. Fang
Vol 5 (2010) The Legendre transformations in Hamiltonian optics Abstract   PDF
A. V. Gitin
Vol 9 (2014) The modern Forel-Ule scale: a ‘do-it-yourself’ colour comparator for water monitoring Abstract   PDF
S. Novoa, M. R. Wernand, H. J. van der Woerd
Vol 9 (2014) The narrow band AOTF based hyperspectral microscopic imaging on the rat skin stratum configuration Abstract   PDF
C. Zhang, H. Wang, J. Huang, Q. Gao
Vol 8 (2013) The phase shift induced by a single atom in free space Abstract   PDF
M. Sondermann, G. Leuchs
Vol 8 (2013) The photonic wheel - demonstration of a state of light with purely transverse angular momentum Abstract   PDF
P. Banzer, M. Neugebauer, A. Aiello, C. Marquardt, N. Lindlein, T. Bauer, G. Leuchs
Vol 8 (2013) Theoretical demonstration of highly efficient cw THz generation by using composite photonic-structure elements Abstract   PDF
A. Oyamada, H. Kitaguchi, K. Ebata, H. Ishihara
Vol 1 (2006) Theoretical investigation of amplified spontaneous emission in an active structure by extended (3x3) transfer matrix formalism: the case of a non-uniform longitudinal distribution of emitters Abstract   PDF
Y. G. Boucher
Vol 8 (2013) Theoretical investigation on the scale factor of a triple ring cavity to be used in frequency sensitive resonant gyroscopes Abstract   PDF
C. Ciminelli, C. E. Campanella, F. Dell’Olio, C. M. Campanella, M. N. Armenise
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