Vol 11 (2016)

Table of Contents

Fibre optics and fibre devices

Optimum Apodization Profile for Chirped Fiber Bragg Gratings based Chromatic Dispersion Compensator Abstract
Yosef Taher Aladadi, Ahmad Fauzi Abas, Mohammed Thamer Alresheedi
Laguerre-Gaussian Mode Division Multiplexing in Multimode Fiber using SLMs in VCSEL Arrays Abstract
Angela Amphawan, Yousef Fazea

Regular papers

False detection of dangerous and neutral substances in commonly used materials by means of the standard THz Time Domain Spectroscopy Abstract PDF
V. A. Trofimov, S. A. Varentsova 16016
Improving three-dimensional (3D) range gated reconstruction through time-of-flight (TOF) imaging analysis Abstract PDF
S. Y. Chua, X. Wang, N. Guo, C. S. Tan, T. Y. Chai, G. L. Seet 16015
Spectroscopic evidence of anthropogenic compounds extraction from polymers by fluorescent dissolved organic matter in natural water Abstract PDF
M. Miranda, A. Trojzuck, D. Voss, S. Gassmann, O. Zielinski 16014
Group refractive index calculation by difference approximation for length measurement Abstract PDF
D. Wei, M. Xiao, P. Yang 16013
Polishing material removal correlation on PMMA – FEM simulation Abstract PDF
R. Almeida, R. Börret, W. Rimkus, D. K. Harrison, A. K. M. DeSilva 16012
Polarization beating of random electromagnetic beams Abstract PDF
H. Lajunen, J. Salaj, T. Setälä 16011
Simulation of mid-spatials from the grinding process Abstract PDF
M. Pohl, R. Börret 16010
Complex method for angular-spectral analysis of volume phase diffraction gratings recorded in photopolymers Abstract PDF
P. Vojtíšek, M. Květoň, I. Richter 16009
Controlling the optical creation of gold nanoparticles in a PVA matrix by direct laser writing Abstract PDF
T. Ritacco, L. Ricciardi, M. La Deda, M. Giocondo 16008
Liquid crystal cells based on photovoltaic substrates Abstract PDF
L. Lucchetti, K. Kushnir, A. Zaltron, F. Simoni 16007
Statistical classification of soft solder alloys by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: review of methods Abstract PDF
R. Zdunek, M. Nowak, E. Pliński 16006i
Robotic automation in computer controlled polishing Abstract PDF
D. D. Walker, G. Yu, M. Bibby, C. Dunn, H. Li, H. Y. Wu, X. Zheng, P. Zhang 16005
An analytical model for top-hat long transient mode-mismatched thermal lens spectroscopy Abstract PDF
M. Sabaeian, H. Rezaei 16004
A novel method of measuring upwelling radiance in the hydrographic sub-hull Abstract PDF
N. Rüssmeier, O. Zielinski 16003
New freeform manufacturing chains based on atmospheric plasma jet machining Abstract PDF
T. Arnold, G. Boehm, H. Paetzelt 16002
Ultra-wide angle lens design with relative illumination analysis Abstract PDF
W.-S. Sun, C.-L. Tien, Y.-H. Chen, P.-Y. Chu 16001