Vol 3 (2008)

Table of Contents


Interference or not: analysis of the Young’s experiment for a single cycle pulse: erratum Abstract PDF
S. F. Pereira, A. M. Nugrowati 08006e

Regular papers

Analytic expressions and approximations for the on-axis, aberration-free Rayleigh and Debye integral in the case of focusing fields on a circular aperture Abstract PDF
R. Aarts, J. J.M. Braat, P. Dirksen, S. van Haver, C. van Heesch, A. Janssen 08039
Polarization conversion with a photonic crystal slab Abstract PDF
M. Laroche, F. Marquier, C. Vandenbem, J.-J. Greffet 08038
Fourier transformed picosecond synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator without spectral filtering element Abstract PDF
A. Ryasnyanskiy, N. Dubreuil, Ph. Delaye, R. Frey, G. Roosen 08037
Wavelength-tunable picosecond pulses from a passively mode-locked figure-eight Erbium-doped fiber laser with a Sagnac fiber filter Abstract PDF
B. Ibarra-Escamilla, O. Pottiez, J. W. Haus, E. A. Kuzin, M. Bello-Jimenez, A. Flores-Rosas 08036
Progress towards lightning control using lasers Abstract PDF
J. Kasparian, R. Ackermann, Y.-B. André, G. Méchain, G. Méjean, B. Prade, P. Rohwetter, E. Salmon, K. Stelmaszczyk, J. Yu, A. Mysyrowicz, R. Sauerbrey, L. Woeste, J.-P. Wolf 08035
Independent trapping, manipulation and characterization by an all-optical biophotonics workstation Abstract PDF
H.-U. Ulriksen, J. Thøgersen, S. Keiding, I. Perch-Nielsen, J. Dam, D. Z. Palima, H. Stapelfeldt, J. Glückstad 08034
Analysis and optimization of the stereo-system with a four-mirror adapter Abstract PDF
R. Wang, X. Li, Y. Zhang 08033
Leaky modes of a left-handed slab Abstract PDF
A. Moreau, D. Felbacq 08032
High-temperature type IIa gratings in 12-ring photonic crystal fibre with germanosilicate core Abstract PDF
K. Cook, A. A. P. Pohl, J. Canning 08031
Semiconductor microcavities for enhanced nonlinear optics interactions Abstract PDF
A. Andronico, X. Caillet, I. Favero, S. Ducci, V. Berger, G. Leo 08030
Experimental demonstration of singular-optical colouring of regularly scattered white light Abstract PDF
O. V. Angelsky, S. G. Hanson, P. P. Maksimyak, A. P. Maksimyak, A. L. Negrych 08029
Study of a circular Gaussian transition in an optical speckle field Abstract PDF
I. Bergoënd, X. Orlik, E. Lacot 08028
Real-time terahertz imaging for art conservation science Abstract PDF
K. Fukunaga, N. Sekine, I. Hosako, N. Oda, H. Yoneyama, T. Sudou 08027
Spectral confocal reflection microscopy using a white light source Abstract PDF
M. Booth, R. Juškaitis, T. Wilson 08026
Solid state atomic processors for light Abstract PDF
V. Crozatier, G. Gorju, V. Lavielle, A. Louchet, F. Bretenaker, T. Chaneliere, F. Goldfarb, J.-L. Le Gouët 08025
Nano-meter scale heterogeneous III-V semiconductor-silicon photonic integration Abstract PDF
P. Viktorovitch, C. Seassal, P. Rojo-Romeo, X. Letartre 08024
Bose-Einstein condensation in semiconductors: myth or reality? Abstract PDF
J. Kasprzak, M. Richard, R. André, L.S. Dang 08023
Nanostructure design for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy -- prospects and limits Abstract PDF
S. Xiao, N. A. Mortensen, A.-P. Jauho 08022
Electrically induced Bragg Reflectors in In/InGaAsP waveguides as ultrafast optoelectronic modulators Abstract PDF
M. De Laurentis, A. Irace, G. Breglio 08021
Application of Lippmann interference photography to data storage Abstract PDF
K. Contreras, G. Pauliat, C. Arnaud, G. Roosen 08020
High speed partial Stokes imaging using a ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator Abstract PDF
A. Jaulin, L. Bigué 08019
Polarization sensitivity of optical resonant dipole antennas Abstract PDF
H. Fischer, O. J. F. Martin 08018
Optical modelling of a Si-based DBR laser source using a nanocrystal Si-sensitized Er-doped silica rib waveguide in the C-band Abstract PDF
C. Ciminelli, P. Frascella, M. N. Armenise 08017
Spectral resolution of optical filters based on diffractive optical elements with non-uniform illumination Abstract PDF
H. Angelskår, A. S. Sudbø 08016
Design concepts for broadband high-efficiency DOEs Abstract PDF
B. H. Kleemann, M. Seesselberg, J. Ruoff 08015
Degree of polarization and quantum-mechanical purity Abstract PDF
H. Moya-Cessa, J. R. Moya-Cessa, J.E.A. Landgrave, G. Martinez-Niconoff, A. Perez-Leija, A. T. Friberg 08014
Transmission coefficient of a one-dimensional layered medium from a light-path sum Abstract PDF
R. Uitham, B. Hoenders 08013
Wavelength dependence of polarimetric and phase-shift characterization of a liquid crystal on silicon display Abstract PDF
A. Lizana, A. Marquez, I. Moreno, C. Iemmi, J. Campos, M.J. Yzuel 08012
Quantitative multi-elemental laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy using artificial neural networks Abstract PDF
V. Motto-Ros, A. S. Koujelev, G. R. Osinski, A. E. Dudelzak 08011
Towards a new concept for high sensitivity Compton scatter emission imaging Abstract PDF
M. K. Nguyen, C. Driol, T. T. Truong, H. Zaidi 08010
Polarization conversion by dielectric subwavelength gratings in conical mounting Abstract PDF
N. Passilly, P. Karvinen, K. Ventola, P. Laakkonen, J. Turunen, J. Tervo 08009
Short pulse, diode pumped, passively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser at 946 nm quadrupled for UV production Abstract PDF
O. P. Kimmelma, I. Tittonen, S. C. Buchter 08008
Slow-light enhanced absorption for bio-chemical sensing applications: potential of low-contrast lossy materials Abstract PDF
J. Pedersen, S. Xiao, N. A. Mortensen 08007
Light propagation in atomic Mott Insulators Abstract PDF
F. Bariani, I. Carusotto 08005
A general approach to the analysis and description of partially polarized light in rigorous grating theory Abstract PDF
J. Tervo, I. A. Turunen, B. Bai 08004
Experimental demonstration of distance measurement with a femtosecond frequency comb laser Abstract PDF
M. Cui, R. N. Schouten, N. Bhattacharya, S. A. Berg 08003
Estimation precision of degree of polarization in the presence of signal-dependent and additive Poisson noises Abstract PDF
A. Bénière, F Goudail, M. Alouini, D. Dolfi 08002
Synchronisation of spatiotemporal complex states by incoherent coupling Abstract PDF
K. Havermann, B. Gütlich, C. Denz 08001