Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid publications, Vol 11 (2016)

Complex method for angular-spectral analysis of volume phase diffraction gratings recorded in photopolymers

P. Vojtíšek, M. Květoň, I. Richter


Photopolymer recording materials are nowadays widely used for recording of diffraction gratings and other diffraction elements. For obtaining the best performance of these diffraction gratings for desired applications, it is important to assess these gratings from many different perspectives. In this contribution, we present an experimental and characterization approach to an analysis of diffraction gratings recorded into photopolymer materials. This approach is able to provide a complex and very illustrative description of these gratings response and, with accordance to the theory, information about some important grating parameters, such as a spatial period, slant angle, etc., as well. This approach is based on the measurement of a grating response for a wide range of angles and wavelengths and then on the construction and subsequent analysis of maps in the angular-spectral plane. It is shown that the measurements are in a good agreement with the theoretical predictions based on either approximate (Kogelnik’s coupled wave theory) or rigorous (RCWA) techniques and that this approach provides complex and detailed characterization of the grating response which can be used for additional optimization or decision of applicability of measured sample gratings.

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