Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid publications, Vol 5 (2010)

Electro-optically induced absorption in α-Si:H/α-SiCN waveguiding multistacks

S. Rao, F. G. Della Corte, C. Summonte


Electro optical absorption in hydrogenated amorphous silicon (α-Si:H) – amorphous silicon carbonitride (α-SiCxNy) multilayers have been studied in two different planar multistacks waveguides. The waveguides were realized by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD), a technology compatible with the standard microelectronic processes. Light absorption is induced at λ = 1.55 μm through the application of an electric field which induces free carrier accumulation across the multiple insulator/semiconductor device structure. The experimental performances have been compared to those obtained through calculations using combined two-dimensional (2-D) optical and electrical simulations.

© The Authors. All rights reserved. [DOI: 10.2971/jeos.2010.10002]

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