Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid publications, Vol 2 (2007)

Numerical analysis of a slit-groove diffraction problem

P Lalanne, M. Besbes, J.P. Hugonin, S. van Haver, O.T.A. Janssen, A.M. Nugrowati, M. Xu, S.F. Pereira, HP Urbach, A.S. van de Nes, P. Bienstman, G. Granet, A Moreau, S. Helfert, M. Sukharev, T Seideman, F. Baida, B. Guizal, D. van Labeke


We present a comparison among several fully-vectorial methods applied to a basic scattering problem governed by the physics of the electromagnetic interaction between subwavelength apertures in a metal film. The modelled structure represents a slit-groove scattering problem in a silver film deposited on a glass substrate. The benchmarked methods, all of which use in-house developed software, include a broad range of fully-vectorial approaches from finite-element methods, volume-integral methods, and finite-difference time domain methods, to various types of modal methods based on different expansion techniques.

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